Bakery Oven 101: How to Choose the Right One for Your Space

Bakery Oven 101: How to Choose the Right One for Your Space

Did you know that the international bakery market will reach $457.4 billion in 2027? Nowadays, more people are turning their baking pastimes into a source of income.

With the industry’s continuous growth, competition is fiercer than ever. To stay ahead, bakery owners need to produce more high-quality products faster.

The best path to success is to have a bakery oven that will suit your needs. Do you want to know which commercial ovens would be suitable for you? Keep on reading to learn more.

The Significance of Having the Right Bakery Oven

One of the main components of a successful food business is the oven. To have a functioning commercial kitchen, you need the right bakery oven that fits your needs.

Most business owners often find this task confusing and overwhelming. Shopping for a commercial bakery oven is not a hassle if you know where to start.

An oven is where you create and put your ideas into physical form. It acts as the workhorse of your bakery and can control how much you produce daily.

Commercial bakery ovens also provide the final characteristics of your product. It includes the pastry and bread’s longevity, flavour, and texture. Apart from that, it affects its colour and aroma.

Moreover, ovens play a crucial role in preventing pathogen buildup within your products. The lack of knowledge of this type of equipment can affect your productivity, efficiency, and sales.

With all these in mind, you need to consider your products when you purchase an oven for your bakery. Commercial ovens come in different types and provide unique benefits.

Standard Oven Range

Oven ranges are the most common kitchen appliances in a food establishment. These ovens feature an internal space for cooking and baking various dishes.

It also has open gas burners or electric hobs on the top part. Many high-end ranges have induction hobs. It allows the baker to create several products in one place.

Its flexible design offers dual functionality cooking. These appliances are also the best space savers if you have a limited cooking area. They also prevent you from moving while baking.

Moreover, a commercial oven range is compatible with electric and gas. When you specialise in juicy and spongy items such as bread and cakes, gas oven ranges are your go-to choices. This commercial oven works on low heat, which results in more moist products.

Crunchy and crisp pastries cook better with electric ovens. Many bakers love using electric oven ranges because it bakes products quicker. Small businesses should also consider oven ranges for their kitchen.

Convection Oven yxd-4a-b

Convection Oven

convection oven uses a fan inside the cavity to distribute heat. It reduces the cooking time, which will allow you to get higher product yields. It also ensures less waste of ingredients and other materials.

Some convection ovens have a single 13A plug. It makes them portable for event catering and will still fit traditional bakery use.

A commercial convection oven can also have a bread proofer. This feature allows you a quicker proofing process for your bread and pastries.

The oven’s design also offers even cooking. There is a consistent temperature throughout the cavity. This consistency would ensure each part of your product will cook well.

Keep in mind that well-cooked bakery items need to reach a certain point of browning. Often, bakers rely on the colour of the bread to see if it’s well-baked.

The fans inside the oven improve the distribution of hot air. It helps the fats to render and gives your product a distinct look and taste.

Fagor 10 trays electric advance plus combi oven - APE-101

Combination Oven

Combination or combi ovens are the most advanced and powerful cooking appliances. They can either cook using steam, convection, or both. This feature allows these ovens to do the job of several pieces of equipment in one cavity.

Due to that, you save more time and energy from pan transferring. Like a steam oven, you need to connect it to a water supply to generate steam while cooking.

A combi oven is a good solution for businesses with small spaces. These appliances come in different space-saver sizes.

Bakers love using a combi oven despite the extra expenses because it uses moist and dry heat in cooking. It allows them to achieve a product with a moist interior but a crisp exterior.

electric conveyor pizza oven

Pizza/ Conveyor Oven

Conveyor ovens are the best choice for high volume consistent cooking. Pizza and pie shops need a set of rollers that pulls the product through heavy cooking processes.

One of the advantages of using a conveyor oven is its consistency. Pies, tarts, and pizzas need a consistent speed and heat when cooking. They’re also stackable and easy to use.

How to Choose an Oven for Your Bakery

When you choose an oven for your bakery, there are more factors you need to consider. While oven types are essential, sizes and cost also matter.

Here are the things you need to check when buying a commercial bakery oven.

  • Size
  • Capacity
  • Cost
  • Quality

Whenever you buy an oven, always measure your kitchen area. Keep in mind that you still need a moving space when cooking and preparing your products. It should not take more than a quarter of your kitchen.

You also need to check on the advanced features of your chosen ovens. It includes the number of decks and trays it can accommodate. Always consider how it will handle more orders when your business flourishes.

You also need to consider the capacity of a commercial oven. Think about the scale of your operations and how many types of pastries you plan on selling. Your bakery oven should fit any potential orders and deliveries daily.

Everything You Need to Know in Choosing a Bakery Oven

Owning a baking business is a massive undertaking. The competition within the industry is tight and fiercer with every passing year. Your business needs the right bakery oven to meet the demands of your customers per day.

Business owners find appliance shopping troublesome. Although, this will not be the case if you know what to consider.

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