Benefits of Commercial Display Refrigerators for Your Business

Benefits of Commercial Display Refrigerators for Your Business

Display refrigerators are everywhere. From small town stores to downtown groceries – you’ll find a display refrigerator or two. Just like conventional commercial refrigerators, these units are offered in fridge and freezer design. Their features, built and capacity are made to meet high demands in a commercial setting. Their glass door style display is what differentiates them compare to conventional refrigerator equipment. 

Commercial Display Refrigerators for Business

If you’re thinking of acquiring a commercial display refrigeration unit, then this guide might come in handy for you.  

What you’ll learn from here:

  • Know which type of display unit to pick for your business. 
  • Features to look for to optimise display for profitability.
  • Learn about offers and discounted options at FED.

Obviously, a display refrigerator’s design is intended for presentation

Display fridges are often used to display beverages, snacks, vegetables, and other items. Display freezers, on the other hand, are used to store items that need to be frozen such as meat, poultry, desserts and other foods that have to be stored below zero degrees.  Both display fridges and freezers’ doors are designed with glazed and tempered glasses often layered altogether for durability and performance. 

The interiors usually feature lighting so items inside are visible all the time. The see-through display casing design is efficient to increase impulse buying. The casing also allows staff to easily look at items for inventories. 

When use in a commercial kitchen, display refrigerators allow better organisation of items so chefs can grab them with ease. This translate to a more streamlined kitchen process. Display refrigerators are easy to clean. Most units these days have stainless steel casing which only requires minimal maintenance and cleaning. The glass doors can be sanitised and cleaned using a damped cloth. 

Types of Commercial Display Refrigerators

There are different types of display refrigerators designed for different uses in a business setting. Modern display refrigeration units’ designs feature compartments, adjustable temperature controllers, and multiple shelving capacities.

Back Bar Coolers

Bar Cooler

Back bar coolers are the type of display fridges used in pubs, bars and leisure places to display beer and other canned beverages.  In restaurants, they are used to increase impulse sales from beverage items.

These refrigeration units are offered in stainless steel and matte black finish. They are commonly available in one, two, three and even 4-door options where you can choose between sliding or hinge-style doors. They have different variations of bottle capacity and shelving styles. These commercial equipment are decorated with attractive lighting to draw more attention to the contents inside. 

What you can store in a commercial back bar cooler:

  • Beverages
  • Beer
  • Liquor bottles

Wine Coolers

Commercial wine coolers are used to store and refrigerate wine. They can be configured to the right wine serving temperature to bring out the best flavours and aroma of the wine. There are units with different temperature zones so you can store wines at different temperature zones inside the same unit. 

A wine cooler often has a chilling capacity of 7.2 to 18.3 celsius, which makes it an ideal storage place for the following items as well:

  • Soda
  • Iced Tea
  • Lemonade

Pattisieries Display

Pattisieres Display

This refrigeration unit is often used by bakeries, cafes and sandwich shops to keep their items at optimal freshness. This equipment often features multiple shelving capacities where you can organise and stock your foods. Patisserie displays are separated into two categories: refrigerated patisserie cabinets or hot food displays. 

What are displayed in a patisserie refrigeration unit?

  • Cakes
  • Bread
  • Pastries
  • Sandwiches
  • Confectionaries 

Multi-deck Display Refrigeration Units

Grocery shops and big supermarkets use these refrigeration systems because of their capability to display and handle a huge capacity. Plus, they’re designed for self-service. These commercial display refrigerators have multiple decks and shelves. Multi-deck display refrigeration units fall into three categories:   refrigerated merchandisers, open chillers and reach-in refrigerators. 

Refrigerated merchandisers are used for prepacked or sealed products. They have a specific temperature capacity which can only hold sealed or prepacked products.

Open chillers are commonly used by stores selling grab-and-go items where customers can get what they need without opening a door. An open chiller is utilised to store beverages, cheeses, vegetables, and fruits, among others. 

A reach-in refrigerator may be designed with glass doors, half doors, or slide doors and is designed to store bulk foods while keeping them easily accessible for customers. Their design is often kept at waist level or above the waist so customers or staff can grab items with ease. These units are often lined with racks and shelves that organise different food types separately. Reach-in refrigerators are offered in hot or cold holding capacities. 

What to Consider When Purchasing a Display Refrigeration Unit

There are different factors to consider before buying commercial kitchen equipment like a display refrigeration unit. 


It is essential that you pick equipment that matches the items you’re stocking in them. 

  • What do you want to display? 
  • Do you need a chest freezer or a fridge for those?
  • How many do you intend to display? Consider your busiest day.
  • What is the ideal temperature for those foods?
  • What is your shelving requirement? Do you need multiple shelves?

Map out these requirements to identify the right display refrigerator for you. 

Space Availability

Your business floor space affects the types of equipment you’ll get. The equipment should be able to fit into the area. It should be stashed in a space where it’s not a hindrance to your guest or your staff’s workflow. There must be a space between the unit and the walls to allow proper airflow. Allocate at least a 5cm air gap. If you have limited floor space, go for a vertical design unit.  


Since the unit is going to be used in a busy setting, it has to have self-closing doors. This is crucial especially if you’re selling grab-and-go items like instant meals or beverages. This ensures that customers or your staff don’t accidentally leave the unit open.  

Features to look for:

  • Auto-defrosting
  • Automatic doors
  • Elegant exterior finish
  • Easy-to-use controllers
  • High-grade materials
  • Easy to clean and maintain

Commercial Display Refrigerators at F.E.D

FED offers commercial display refrigerators of different types and capacities. We cover Rent-Try-Buy options for commercial businesses who want to be strategic on their finances whilst building their business. Our Rent-Try-Buy application takes about 5 minutes to complete. You can call the team AU 1300 659 409 / NZ 09 415 6470 for assistance.
As a trusted commercial kitchen supplier in NZ, we also have expertise in local conditions and regulations. We can give you sound advice on which fits best according to your business location, settings, goals and specifications.

In addition to commercial display refrigerators, FED also offers a range of other commercial kitchen equipment to help businesses operate efficiently and effectively. Some of the other products available include bain maries and ovens. If you are in New Zealand and looking for quality commercial kitchen equipment, you can check out the range of products offered by FED, including their bain maries and ovens. The FED team can provide sound advice on which equipment fits best according to your business location, settings, goals and specifications.

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