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Ready to Start a Bakery Business?

Tuesday, 10 September 2019 6:03:31 pm Pacific/Auckland

Bakeries are found across Australia, they are one of the most popular establishments for bread, pastries and other light meals. Bakeries allow you to express your culinary creativity and expertise, but operating one faces it own unique challenges in comparison to other businesses in the industry.

Here we analyse the different challenges involved with opening and operating your very own bakery and what kinds of bakery equipment you’ll need to operate.

 Ready to Start a Bakery Business?


There are many different bakery types and the first step is to properly identify what kind of bakery you want to build from the ground up.

Retail bakeries are the most common type, they sell baked good directly to patrons and they can come in different forms. A bakery cafe is the most common retail type and offers small dining spaces for eating in and coffee/tea, counter service bakeries usually only have a front-of-house to serve directly and no dining areas, food trucks stock and sell bread and pastries through a mobile vehicle and a speciality bakery focusses on one type of baked good (wedding cake, cupcakes etc).

Wholesale bakeries, by comparison, stock and sell baked goods in larger venues like supermarkets and delis. They usually need to produce much higher quantities because of bigger demands in these larger establishments.

After identifying what type of bakery you want to operate its then time to move onto the usual business inception processes.



Like starting up any other business, it’s important to begin with a business plan. A business plan will help set everything out from the executive summary to the company overview, market analysis, business offerings, management plans, marketing and financial projections.

Next step is to obtain funds for various expenses (leasing, operational costs, staff, management, stock, equipment etc) and finding a suitable facility to start your business. To generate this money, you’ll need to look at the different types of loans available and what one is best suited to help you get a foothold.

Finally, a location and appropriate place for your business is important. Consider key factors like your region’s demographic, the accessibility to your bakery, competition, distance to suppliers, size and space and health/safety regulations.

You’ll also need certain food, safety and handling licenses as well to operate. Many of the steps involved with acquiring these licenses can be found online.

EQUIPMENT One of the most significant points, if not the most important, is the commercial catering equipment you’ll need for your new bakery. Bakeries typically have their own specific equipment that’s needed to create the bread/pastries stocked and to display your meals, snacks and dishes.



The first piece of equipment you should consider is a bakery oven. FED stocks a wide range of quality heavy duty ovens suited to bakeries, especially our combi or convection ovens, which can bake your goods or utilise dry heating for bread and pastries.



Open Bakery ShopNext piece of equipment to consider is your display unit. Most bakeries have a display unit situated at the front of their store to showcase their freshly baked desserts and foods. Depending on what types of food you want to present can help solve what type of display unit to purchase. A chilled or cake display is ideal for light meals, sandwiches, breads and small cakes/desserts, while a hot food display or pie warmer is great for sausage rolls, pies and meat-based meals. Many bakeries will use both types, but the decision will rest on the owner/manager.



Stainless steel retarder provers or bread provers are used for the final baking process. All bakeries utilise these machines to improve the fermentation process, help the dough rise and provides the optimal temperature and space for your mixture.



Bread slicers are another unique accessory mostly used by bakeries. These tools slice up freshly backed loaves and bag the slices for purchase or use them for sandwiches and other meals.



Dough sheeters are great for smoothing or creating lumps out of mixtures of dough for your pizzas, bread rolls and other bakery snacks. Many of these efficient tools come in both manual and electric options and are a convenient accessory for any bakery.



Commercial mixers or spiral mixers are universally used by every bakery and designed to mix and combine your dough ingredients together. This is a must have item.


After purchasing this equipment you can then move your sights onto hiring and marketing your new bakery!

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Create a Kitchen with a Purpose, Not a Kitchen that is Worthless

Thursday, 22 August 2019 12:21:05 pm Pacific/Auckland

The romantic vision of owning and starting up a trendy ‘food joint’ is not all it’s cracked up to be.

The reality is that eateries are hard work and believe it or not, it’s not all fluffy clouds of coffee froth, espresso martini’s and perfectly scrambled eggs. Owning and opening a hospitality business requires thought, business knowledge and planning – all of which are aspects often overlooked by owners, and it really shows in the way a kitchen is designed and produced.

From my experience in the kitchen and hospitality industry, what I tend to see is kitchens that are not fit for purpose. There are kitchens that have huge peek windows which allow smells to get into everyone’s clothes, as well as irritating kitchen staff who feel like they are zoo animals who must be on their best behaviour.

Create a Commercial Kitchen with a Purpose

There are also kitchens which are poorly designed and don’t make sense in regard to what they’re cooking, and the audience they’re wanting to attract.

Kitchens are often designed and built by owners who don’t quite know what they’re doing because they are usually not chefs, which risks their food business being doomed from the start.

They often treat their kitchen space like an art studio instead of a production facility which not only could negatively impacts the success of the eatery, but they could also run into some problems when selling in the future.

As the average hospitality outlet lasts only three years due to overly expensive and ineffective fitouts, as well as owners having sub-par business knowledge, don’t let yourself become part of this statistic. There are ways to enhance and maximise the capabilities, reach and success of your food business, so here are our top tips:


1. Think

Food businesses require an immense amount of work. Before you invest many years’ worth of savings into what often looks like the dream, think comprehensively about every aspect that is involved in the running of an eatery.

This includes the costing of materials, décor and employees. If you’ve covered all that, think about the actual style of your eatery and the kitchen design because all these things are useless unless the bones of the kitchen are strong. Know your numbers and be aware of administrative demands.


Chef in a Commercial Kitchen 2. Research

Understand your target market by analysing your location. Sit outside your building for a few hours and observe the type of people that go by, how old they are, what nationality they are and even what they’re wearing. By uncovering this information and basing your business direction around this, you will be able to leverage the number of customers you receive. There’s no point in opening a burger joint if the people want dumplings. Look into the other eateries in the area. What food they serve and how much they charge is also a wise idea. Don’t miss out on finding crucial key insights into your area which could help your business succeed.


3.Seek help

Get some professional guidance and support from people with experience in the industry. Particularly with the designing and building of your kitchen, experts can help you create a space that has universal functionality which can optimise effectiveness and efficiency for your café or restaurant, as well as being able to realise a better price on selling day.


At F.E.D, we’ve seen many hospitality businesses that have needed to be renovated and gutted entirely because they were designed dismally, so seeking expert opinion and help would be greatly beneficial to your food business.

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Your Next Building Consent is on Us

Monday, 8 July 2019 5:18:23 pm Pacific/Auckland

Starting a new business is exciting!

But, there are a lot of things you need to consider to ensure your venture is a success.

Throughout the process of creating your new cafe, you will have to think about the needs and requirements of your business, how you can meet those needs during the startup phase and how you can position yourself for success.

Luckily, FED Products is here to help you with all the big decisions and to make sure your business begins on the right foot.

Catering Startup Business Needs and Requirements

Needs And Requirements

Unfortunately, you need more than a few plates of great food and the aroma of freshly brewed coffee to be successful! 

So, it is time to get practical and lay the foundations of a great business…

  • Try not to let your emotions colour any decisions that you need to make. 
  • Come up with a realistic business plan. You can use that to secure a loan from the bank or even to entice investors. 
  • Explore the legalities of the setup. Do you need permits from your local council or building consent? Also, have you thought about your food hygiene certification and operating restrictions? 

Legalities can be scary business. Which is why FED want to make the process as easy as possible for you. We offer a FREE building consent package that is worth $4800. That means we help you to obtain all the necessary consents you need to start your cafe or restaurant. Get in touch with us now to find out if you could be eligible.

Meeting The Needs

During the startup phase, focus on the right aspects and prioritise... 

  • When designing your space and choosing the equipment you need, focus on the essentials first and the “nice-to-haves” later. FED Products, can help you make the best use of your budget by recommending the right equipment for your needs.
  • Let your creative streak out by building a brand for your business. Branding is more than just your logo, it is what your business will be known for. Think carefully about the style you would like your eatery to be or if you would like to highlight a specific theme.

Meeting Your Startup Business Needs

Position Yourself For Success

Creating a successful brand is more than the right equipment and a consented space. Also think about...

  • Put yourself in your customer’s shoes. Cast a critical eye on your business. Think about how you can show your professionalism, set your cafe above the rest, or how you can do things differently or better?
  • Communication is key to any business - your customers, your team, your suppliers and other key players will expect and appreciate it. 
  • You cannot sell a secret, so get the word out there about your shiny new cafe! There are plenty of methods you can use to do that - online advertising, more traditional methods and word of mouth.
  • Listen to the experts. The team here at FED have plenty of expert knowledge that we would love to share with you. We have helped hundreds of cafes build a successful clientele and business. We can’t wait to do the same for you.

Get in touch with us today to discuss if you are eligible for our Building Consent package valued at $4800.

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10 Factors to Consider When Choosing Your Fridge or Display Unit

Tuesday, 2 July 2019 12:01:31 pm Pacific/Auckland

factors of choosing your commercial fridge and display units

Before purchasing a product it's always useful to know what you're exactly buying, especially when it comes to expensive products like restaurant equipment and fridges. Here are 10 factors to consider...


Display gives you your viewing space, your product range for everyone to see, and it’s important to assess whether it’s more efficient for your store to have a clear display (to see inside), or preference a solid door for sturdiness.

If it’s for customers, clear display is the way to go, but if it’s for staff/stock purposes then either option is a great investment.


At Federal Hospitality Equipment the vast majority of our refrigeration and display equipment is comprised of sturdy stainless steel material, for peace of mind and longevity.

However, not all of our units are built this way, especially within the interior compartments. Knowing what your product is comprised of will provide you with the best quality reassurance.


Size is important for your commercial kitchens. Kitchen spaces aren’t the biggest in terms of open space and free movement, so prioritising your space is vital.

Planning out your working space and equipment placement enables your kitchen operations to run much more smoothly.


What are you using your unit for? What is the purpose of it? Why are you desiring to choose one particular fridge over another?

Often questioning purpose is a good way to whittle down the options.


How much are you willing to spend? Analysing your budget is possibly the biggest priority while building your establishment, as money can be scarce.

 If money is an issue then perhaps an economic unit is the way to go, but if you’ve set aside plenty of funds for equipment then you may want to consider a more innovative and advanced alternative.


FED services and imports stock from a huge variety of leading brands. We stock only the best brands within the restaurant equipment business, but some brands are more efficient in certain aspects than others.

Find out who supplies the best products suited to your needs and buy with reassurance.                                                                                                               


What extra accessories and functions does your display or fridge come with?

How does it compare with other units currently on sale?

Having a model with extra features or accessories can give you a subtle leg-up in the competition.


Think about how much stock you’ll need to fit inside your fridge or storage unit.

If you’re only a small business or café a small cabinet might be your most cost effective choice, but if you’re a giant restaurant or chain catering to a large customer base then the larger models would be a better match.


                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           Cake DisplayACCESSIBILITY

Accessibility to your fridge or unit can save time and ease the pressure on your staff during the fast-paced operations of your commercial kitchen.

It also provides convenience to your customers looking to purchase a product within your store.




A vastly overlooked factor, checking the energy efficiency of the machine you intend to purchase is highly vital.

Energy efficiency determines how much power your product will drain, and how much of a cost it’ll be to your restaurant/café.

Choosing an energy efficient model may be slightly more expensive, but it’ll prove to be a much more financially beneficial decision for the long haul.

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Maintaining Your Stainless Steel Product

Monday, 24 June 2019 3:34:32 pm Pacific/Auckland

Maintain your stainless steel product

Many of the products we sell here at Federal Hospitality Equipment are built and constructed from stainless steel, a choice that provides durability and longevity. If you’re recently purchased a stainless steel product, congratulations! Now here’s a quick guide to maintaining it.

Stainless steel, with its unique metallurgical composition, is reputed for its unparalleled anti corrosion quality, compared with other metals.

Stainless steel requires maintenance and routine cleaning to look its best, just like any other material, otherwise discolouration may occur.



Retaining a sparkling finish on a stainless steel surface only involves a few simple steps. Stainless steel looks its best when it’s cleaned regularly with plenty of water. Sufficient drying is also required so streaks aren’t left behind.

You’ll need water, mild detergent, and a cloth or, alternatively, a soft brush. You can use 1% ammonia solution, but never use bleach. After washing, rinse in clean water and wipe the surface completely dry with a soft cloth. On brushed steel you need to follow the direction of the polish for the best results.

Always rub stainless steel in the same direction as the grain. Rubbing against the grain will spoil the finish and shine. It can also damage the surface by creating microscopic crevices, where dirt can be collected, which can lead to corrosion.



Maintaining stainless steel products also involves knowing the risks and what to avoid.

Stainless steel can always be vulnerable to scratching from careless handling or overly aggressive scrubbing. Avoid dragging rough items across its surface and be aware that grit may be trapped under other objects when cleaning.

Make sure to be wary of certain salts and acids as certain chemicals can cause discolouration to your stainless steel products. Carbon steel items are another problem to avoid, especially when wet.

Ensure you instil rudimentary hygiene and cleaning practices to bypass these potential chemistry issues.

Never rub or scrap your products with steel wool, plastic scorers or use concentrated bleach/acid-based cleaning products.

Remove any stick labels or adhesives as soon as possible. Gentle heat from a hair dryer or a glue gun can generally soften the glue for easy removal, or you can warm stainless steel pots/pans in an oven before peeling off labels. Eucalyptus oil-based cleaners also work wonders in removing adhesives.



Depending on the circumstance of the scruff, mark or issue it can take a few different methods or products to safely have your problem erased.

It’s already been addressed earlier on what the general method of cleaning stainless steel is, but sometimes there’s special cases that require a little extra effort.

If rust occurs on your product apply cream cleaner with a soft, damp cloth and rub gently. It might be necessary to use proprietary stainless-steel cleaner if this mark won’t shift. These cleaners are usually made with dangerous chemicals, so extreme care is required.

After cleaning it’s important to neutralise the acid with baking powder solution or 1% ammonia, then rinse with clean water and wipe dry. If rust has worn away part of the surface don’t despair! This can be remedied with professional polishing, but it’s important to get advice from an expert before undertaking this method.

If paint damage has occurred you’ll need to apply paint stripper, taking care to follow the appropriate safety instructions. You may need to use a nylon brush or scouring pad, but avoid metal scrapers at all costs as they’ll damage the surface of your product.

Heavy limescale from hard water can be loosened by soaking in hot water and 25% vinegar solution. Rinse well with a solution of baking powder or 1% ammonia and then clean with water. Always make sure to wipe the surface dry.

Cement and mortar splashes will need to be washed off before they set. Mild acids such as vinegar may be required, but never use products that contain chloride rich chemicals. Never use brick cleaning liquids as they contain hydrochloric acid and be wary of any loose particles while you’re cleaning, as they may damage the surface of your machine or product.

Stainless steel wool scouring pads are available for heavy duty work, like removing burnt food from steel saucepans. They’ll scratch the surface, but won’t leave fragments to go rusty.



If you’re looking for some well-built, multi-functional and durable stainless steel products, you can browse our range here.

You can also contact us directly for advice on what stainless steel products would be suitable for your business, or if you require help regarding general cleaning issues in relation to your new purchases.

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We Will Show You How To Put It Together

Monday, 20 May 2019 12:16:52 pm Pacific/Auckland

They say you should never judge a book by its cover. But it is hard to look past a really bad cover, right?


If you are trying to attract clients to your business, the fact of the matter is, it needs to look good! That is why good design is essential for any business premises.


Not only does it have to be welcoming and inviting for your customers, but it also needs to function well, have a great flow and meet any industry regulations.


Trying to tick all of those boxes can be really overwhelming for business owners both new and experienced. That is why we offer a professional design consultation process here at FED Products. Even better than that is the fact that you could get a full design consultation with us for free!


So, let's look into the importance of good design, how you can set the right tone, and how you can attract the right customers and encourage their loyalty.

 design for shopping experience

The Importance Of Well Designed Business Premises


Did you know that interior design can actually improve the way that you do business?


It stands to reason that well-designed business premises will attract more customers and allow your team to be more productive. Combined, those things make it easier to be a success.


When looking at the design of your business premises it is important to consider two areas - your customer-facing space and the area that your staff will work in. You should approach the design of these two areas in different ways.


Customer-Facing Space: Your first focus should be to give customers the right perception of your business. If things are looking a little rundown then customers may associate your business with a sub-par product or food that isn’t up to scratch. This will be a snap decision they make when they walk in. They might decide that before even giving your business a go. However, if your space is light, bright, airy, welcoming, and with a good flow, they will get the right perception immediately.


Working Space: A poorly designed space can make it harder for your team to get their jobs done. This decreases morale, increases sick days and basically generates negative energy in your space. This negativity can then spill out onto the shop floor, impacting your trade. On the flipside, a well-designed space will create a comfortable atmosphere that encourages efficiency, productivity and positive morale.


So, how can you create this perfect design?



Set The Right Tone


The atmosphere is a huge element of your business success. If customers do not get the right feel when they walk through your doors then they might just turn around and walk back out again.


Think about the kind of people you want to attract to your business and what they might want. Will it be trendy, modern, traditional, child-friendly, or out there and quirky? Knowing who you are presenting your business to will help you to set the right tone.


Once you know that information, you can then start to think about functionality and flow. If people don’t have somewhere comfortable to sit, or if Mum’s can’t manoeuvre prams in a child-friendly space then it will impact negatively on the atmosphere you are trying to create.



Attract Customers And Encourage Loyalty


Obviously, the right tone and functionality are going to be the first steps in attracting the kind of customers you want to your business. But it is not the only thing to consider.


Customers are attracted to businesses with great offerings. They are not going to visit a cafe with terrible coffee, so a quality coffee machine and beans are a must. Likewise, they aren't going to visit a store where they can't see the stock, so attractive display cases are essential.


Think about practicality and what you would look for if you were shopping or eating in the same environment. If you can consistently deliver great service, in a practical and enjoyable way, you will not only attract customers to your business, but earn their loyalty too.


 FED NZ shopping experience


Pulling It All Together


There is a lot to think about when designing the perfect space. Unless you are a professional designer, it can be tricky to create the right atmosphere, functionality, flow and look… with the best equipment for the job too.


That is why we remove the stress and hassle from the process for you. Here at FED Products, we offer a design consult with one of our qualified designers for free if you spend $25,000 or more. Not only will you get the best resources for your needs, but your entire space will look amazing too!


Get in touch with us today to find out how we can help you make your new or redesigned business a total success.


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The Top Ways You Can Save On The Equipment You Need

Thursday, 16 May 2019 5:44:16 pm Pacific/Auckland

Starting a business can be expensive!


There is a lot you will need to invest in before the dollars start rolling in to cover those costs. So, how can you make your money work for you?


When it comes to sourcing the equipment you need there are a few things that you can do to save some pennies.


startup catering business


The first is to only buy the things that you need to get you operational, then you can shop the specials to see if any of your essentials are on sale, and finally, you can join the FED Products Loyalty Programme where you will instantly make back 5% on your purchases.


Let’s look into all these points in greater detail.



Only Buy What You Need


It can be very tempting to rush out and buy everything under the sun that you could possibly need when starting a business. Unfortunately, that kind of spending requires a champagne budget, when in reality, you probably only have a beer budget as a startup.


Instead of jumping in guns blazing and credit card waving, try and be sensible about your purchases. Before you hit the shops, make a list of the essentials you need to get your business running.


For example, if you are starting a cafe then a coffee machine is going to be an essential purchase. However, you could probably skip the linen napkins monogrammed with your logo for now! Start with the basics and build upwards from there. You don’t want to blow your budget before you have even begun.


Sometimes it can be hard to know exactly what you need for a new business. If you are unsure, then come and speak to one of our expert sales team. We have masses of experience and will be happy to share our recommendations on the essentials you will need to build a successful business from the start.



Shop The Specials


Often you can find great deals on essential items by shopping the things that are on sale. Just because an item has been marked down does not mean that it is poor quality. Businesses create sales for a number of reasons. The main ones are to clear existing stock to make way for other variations, to sell the last couple of items left in a certain size or colour, or simply because they don’t want to have to count it at stocktake time!


This is amazing news for budding and existing businesses. You can pick up great deals on high-quality items that will help you to preserve your budget. We always recommend any of the sale stock at FED Products. It will definitely do the job you need it to, and do it well.



Join The Loyalty Programme


We love to reward our loyal customers at FED Products and to help you to get ahead in your business. That is why we run a loyalty programme for our existing customers.


Don’t panic, there are no annoying forms to fill in or cards to lose in your purse or wallet. Every customer that buys from our business is automatically enrolled into our loyalty programme. That means you get great savings simply by shopping with us.


You can make use of the loyalty programme in two different ways…

  1. If you shop with us regularly and intend to purchase again, then we will apply a discount to your account. The discount is calculated at 5% of your spend. So, if you made purchases totally $10,000, the next time you shop with us, you would have a $500 credit waiting on your account.
  2. The other way to utilise the programme is to refer friends, colleagues or family to us. If they mention that you referred them when they are making a purchase, we will send you a 5% rebate based on the value of their spend.


The loyalty programme is our way of giving back to our amazing community of clients.


If you are starting a new business or updating the equipment in your existing business then FED Products can help you to minimise your spend. Grab the essentials from us and be enrolled in our loyalty programme at the same time. AND, if you are an existing customer, you will get 5% of your spend back.


Get in touch with us today!

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How To Create an Effective Geo-Targeted Restaurant Marketing Campaign

Monday, 21 August 2017 1:48:11 pm Pacific/Auckland

Restaurant marketing is essentially communicating what your restaurant, cafe, bakery, pizzeria, etc has to offer to potential guests. It is a way of inciting interest & describing the unique features of your menu, of your service, & of your location. However, as valuable as marketing can be, it presents serious issues when it comes to reaching the intended consumer.Read More
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How Accounts Payable Management Systems Can Benefit Your Restaurant Business

Wednesday, 19 July 2017 5:44:01 pm Pacific/Auckland

The management of account finances is important to every business that is successfully operating today. Often we let our accounts payable fall behind in record keeping because it doesn't seem pertinent at the moment. And as such, with the fast paced market and busy schedules, accounts payable can fall to the wayside. To keep your accounts payable in an order you need an organised system to handle your finances.

How Accounts Payable Management Systems Can Benefit Your Restaurant Business 

4 Signs Of A Good AP Process

1. Your accounts payable system needs to be available 24-7 so you can appropriately make changes. As your business endeavors lead you through the rollercoaster of ups and downs, you need some organisation. Having the system available around the clock ensures that you can make data entries anytime you need to. Using an online system to keep track of this financial account is a good idea.

 2. Falling into the "I'll do it later" can be easy when invoices are piling up. During your busy season, you can quickly find a mountain of paperwork that hasn't been entered into your system. A good way to relieve you of this type of stress is to import invoices directly from vendors into a type of online system. Making payments to your vendors is critical to your business's reputation. Using online accounts payable management service you can schedule checks to be sent directly to the suppliers.

 3. Having a reference for all your accounts payable is very important. A tracking system must be utilised with any accounts payable process. Being able to track your payments is crucial to your business's success. Having the ease of tracking your payments online with a management service is fabulous. Using this system to take care of your accounts payable needs you can focus your attention on more important aspects of the business.

4. The finances of your business could be the most important aspect. Without a profit, you can't continue to operate. You want to be able to track items such as declining budget features, or even aging features. Aging features will allow you to ensure that your AP is paid in the time that is best for operations.

Your business's success depends upon your ability to handle and organises your finances. And without proper management, these accounts can get out of hand fast. Instead, opt for a success path. Choose a good AP tracking system that you will have 24-7 access and be able to see how your budget is faring. Keeping track of your accounts payable can prevent problems in the future for your business. And handling your budget properly starts with efficient management of your financial system.

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Professional Catering Primax Combi Oven

Friday, 12 February 2016 12:27:21 pm Pacific/Auckland

PRIMAX, Experience, ideas and solutions to the catering professionals service.Read More
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