304 Grade Stainless Steel - Best Value Stainless Steel Tables and Sind Benches Found at F.E.D


What is 304 Grade Stainless Steel

304 stainless steel is versatile and wide ranging. It serves a variety of industrial, architectural, consumer, and transportation applications.

F.E.D. 304 Grade Stainless Steel the industry standard stainless steel grade. It offers a high level of resistance to corrosion.

Practical and Reliable offer the Best Value

Our high quality tables provide an excellent foundation for any kitchen. Height adjustable with galvanised steel undershelf and legs.

Our sink units are fantastically priced deep units with raised lip all around to help prevent spillage and items slipping off and rear splashback which keeps items from falling behind the sink. Angled draining rack ensures water runs back to the sink to drain away, preventing pooling, speeding drying and improving hygiene. Adjustable legs allow stable positioning on uneven surfaces whilst strong undershelf provides vital undersink storage for cleaning equipment and chemicals. Supplied with stand, shelf and waste.