Factory Seconds

Factory Seconds

Food Equipment Distributors supply high quality professional equipment, which from time to time are damaged in transit or have been displayed and demonstrated in our showroom.

These products still maintain our high standards of professional , reliable catering equipment.

Buy Smart

Why purchase new ? The model is the same quality but it might have a few scratches or some carton damage, which equals greater savings for you. These savings can be used in fitting out your next cafe with a custom made solid stone bar table, updating your furniture with our great range of chairs, or even allow you to upgrade to a larger model of commercial cooking equipment, which you hadn’t budgeted for.


Most of our Factory Seconds at Food Equipment Distributors
come with a 12 month warranty as standard with the option to extend this for refrigeration products by a further 2 years.

So next time you come by our showroom or visit our website take a moment to have a look at our factory seconds you will be surprised with what you might find.