What makes a perfect crepe?

Some say it's the mixture, others say it's the way the mix is spread, or even the touch of the chef and their perfect timing. At Fed we believe all of these elements help define a delicious crepe but must importantly it is being able to trust the equipment you use we stand by our new line of crepe makers starting with the DE-1 Benchtop model.

DE-1 is made of a high quality stainless steel construction that withstand the harsh commercial cooking environment, and the finish well it is an added bonus.

The 400mm cooking surface is made of cast iron. This material has many benefits. First, it is an excellent heat conductor and it allows a better and even cooking, which is a must when cooking crepes. Second, it doesn't scratch which means no damage after decades of use. Finally, cast iron renders the surface non-stick so you do not need to add any cooking oils allowing for light and non-greasy crepes.

An easy to use temperature thermostat is located on the front of the unit so you can easily adjust the temperature at any stage of the cooking process to ensure a beautiful crepe at all times. As an added bonus the DE-1 also includes a warming tray that will keep your crepes nice and toasty warm will you are producing more.