Create fine cut, delicious cheese to add flavour to your meals using our robust cheese graters!

Constructed from strong stainless steel with a powerful interior motor, our graters are built to last for the long term, to grate hard cheese blocks into the soft, tasty pieces we all know and love.

These huge machines are built entirely for large-scale commercial kitchens serving up a range of dishes that either utilise cheese or add cheese shavings for extra flavour.

These appliances come with a feeder handle interlock to prevent grating unless the handle is down, hopper hand guard grid for safety and injury prevention, gear driven motor for swift grating and stainless-steel pans to place your shredded ingredients into.

Our graters can be effortlessly dissembled for easy cleaning and to replace parts.

Add one of FED’s cheese graters to your commercial catering equipment inventory today!

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