Choosing The Right Ice Machine

Choosing The Right Ice Machine

Your restaurant equipment is never complete without an ice machine. An ice maker or ice generator is an electrical machine that is used for making ice. The ice machine can be likened to commercial chest freezers. It produces ice in different shapes and sizes which can be used to keep beverages cool and preserve the qualities of products offered in a restaurant.

The machine plays a significant role in ensuring that a restaurant meets the need of its customers. These people will keep on storming a restaurant so far they are assured of getting their chilled coffee and drinks which in turn would bring much profit to the business.

Choosing Ice Machines for Your Catering Business

Have you decided to buy your ice machine? Or you have tried but couldn’t get a good one. This article is set to assist you in making the right selection of the best ice generator for your business. Buying a compatible ice maker requires that you consider the following things:

1.    The type and size of the ice that you want for your business.
There are different types and sizes of ice with each having their specific uses. For example, cube ice is best served with beverages because it takes more time to melt and looks great inside the glasses. The flake ice helps in keeping seafood intact and prevent substance bruising during transportation because of its gentleness. The gourmet or spray ice is crystal clear with the ability of longer melting period while bullet ice is very soft and takes less time of production.
Each type of ice requires a special ice maker to produce them. Therefore, it is right for a restaurateur or a bar owner to decide on which one is suitable for their business- a cube ice machine or a flake ice maker? Choosing one for your business shouldn’t be hard nor stressful, and all you have to do is to make a list of drinks served in your restaurant. Then make research on the ice that is best served with all the drinks in consideration with the glass cups used in the bar.

Underbench Ice Maker2.    Position of the machine
Here is another thing you have to consider before buying an ice machine for your business. Positioning affects your ice machine selection because you have to cater for water supply and assessment. Some machine requires that you make provision for the automatic supply of water for its operation. This kind of ice machine can work within a bar or a clubhouse for customers to easily scoop ice into their drinks. However, as convenient as it is, one has to create a channel for passing out the drain. The other types of ice machines support manual input of the water, and sometimes mobility with their small size.
Moreover, the distance and the means of transportation from the position of your ice maker to the restaurant matters a lot. You must make sure that they are very close so that the ice won’t melt off before getting to the place of use.

3.    Water or air-cooled ice machine
While deciding the position of the ice machine, you must consider the possible highest ambient temperature of the selected environment. By considering the temperature of the environment in which the ice maker will be situated, you would be able to choose the machine that works with the available cooling mechanism. High temperature can affect the working efficiency of the machine. Therefore, it will be better to purchase an ice generator that possesses a cooling system. It can either be a water-cooled or air-cooled ice machine.
The air-cooled ice machine is best situated close to the vent or by the window where it will continuously receive the influx and outflow of air. However, if it is in a closed area, a water cooling ice machine is nice. Although, there will need to devise a channel by which water would be supplied to cool the condenser regularly.

4.    The quantity of ice to be produced
A caterer or a restaurateur needs to estimate the quantity of ice required per day before proceeding on buying an ice machine. These machines are in different sizes and power ratings and therefore, their production capacity varies. When a bar owner makes the mistake of buying an ice machine that produces less ice than required. Such a person is at the brim of losing lots of customers or probably spend more amount on getting ice from nearby restaurants or stores. Meanwhile, making more than the demand is not better off.
For this reason, a restaurant has to first evaluate the average ice needed in the restaurant in a day. Not just that, he must also put the weather and season into consideration. People are likely to consume more ice on sunny days than cold days which implies the need for thorough data analysis. The result of the analysis will determine the correct size of the ice machine for your business.

Quality of Ice5.    Electrical setup
Considering the electrical setup of the facility where the ice machine will be positioned will save you from the expenses of getting an electrician. These machines are in different models and sizes and require a different outlet for plugging. Therefore, you have to be on the lookout so that the purchased ice machine plug will be compatible with the electrical outlet available in the facility. These machines may either have the 115v or 200v plug depending on the size which has different form of receptacles. Meanwhile, experts advised that a GFCI outlet with the “test” and “reset” feature can endanger the lifespan of your ice maker.

6.    Maintenance
While thinking of buying an ice generator for your business, you have to prepare a cleaning schedule for the machine. As well known, that ice machine produces consumable ice, therefore, all hygienic rules must be followed. Poor maintenance will result in the production of less qualitative ice and shorten the lifespan of the ice maker.

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