The Complete Guide to Buying Commercial Refrigerators: What to Know

The Complete Guide to Buying Commercial Refrigerators: What to Know

Are you planning on buying commercial refrigerators? Since there are many commercial refrigerator providers, there are also many options for refrigerators to pick from at any time.

Whether you want to establish a retail food business or a food service business, you need commercial refrigerators. The refrigerators will allow you to keep food products in a safe state.

It is often not easy to choose new restaurant equipment. But, we will help with that. Note that commercial refrigerators will be a key tool for the success of your food business.

Ensure you choose the right commercial refrigerator since it is a huge investment.

Keep reading to know how to go about buying commercial refrigerators.

Commercial Refrigerator Features

The commercial refrigerator industry is evolving a lot. There are plenty of features to check on when buying a commercial refrigerator.

Here are the commercial refrigerator features to look out for:


What is the amount of products you want in your refrigerator? Here are a few ways to aid you in figuring out the capacity of your refrigerator.


You should first look at the dimensions. It is advisable to check on internal and external dimensions. That is so because some units with the same external width might not have the same internal measurements.

For instance, side-mounted compressors may make your unit longer. But you still keep the same interior capacity as other shorter top-mount refrigerators.

Consider checking the manufacturer’s specs sheet to see the refrigerator’s width and cu. ft. capacity. By knowing the width of your refrigerator, you can determine where to place the unit.

Number of Doors

The number of doors in the commercial refrigerator will give you an idea of the refrigerator’s storage capacity. Single-door refrigerators are perfect for same-day operations.

That is because you can use them for fast service and quick access. You will locate single-door units near the final production line.

The refrigerators usually measure 27” wide, and their internal capacity is about 20-25 cu. ft. Also, they usually have a single section.

Commercial refrigerators with two or three doors are good for storing bulk products. You will find them in prep areas near the back of the kitchen.

The multiple-door refrigerators have many sections that will allow you to organize your items better.

bar fridge category


Commercial refrigerators come in solid doors, glass doors, full-size doors and half-size doors. Look at your kitchen entrance, aisle widths and doorways to know the type of refrigerator door you need.

Half Doors vs Full Doors

For easy product loading, full-size doors are the best. That is so because they often have a stay-open feature that will allow you to remove any items without the need to hold the door open with one hand.

upright fridge category

But, the full doors may block traffic, specifically in kitchens with narrow aisles. If you do a lot of door opening, a half door will be a good alternative. Half doors split into two sections.

Glass Doors vs Solid Doors

The doors may be glass doors or solid doors. Solid doors have better insulation; hence the refrigerator is more energy efficient. But, the content within the refrigerator is not visible.

Glass doors, on the other hand, have less insulation but will allow you to view the content within the unit.

Buying Commercial Refrigerators

There are a few tips for buying commercial refrigerators. Here is how to go about it:

Check on the Brand

Like many products you buy, commercial refrigerators’ brands will matter. Check online customer reviews to know if the brand you are looking at provides quality products.

There are many manufacturers, so it is vital to zero in on the manufacturer you trust. Few brands produce high-quality units, while others aim to provide uncompromised value at good prices.

Comparing refrigerator prices will be a good way to know the brand you need. The bottom line is each manufacturer specializes in its niche.

The Warranty

Nothing will last forever. Even quality commercial refrigerators will eventually need service. You need the commercial refrigerator provider to fix it in a jiff when that happens.

Note that the refrigeration segment has extensive warranties in the restaurant equipment industry. Some brands offer up to 3 years of labour and parts coverage.

Often, a large service network of certified technicians compliments the warranties. The technicians will aid in getting your unit back up and running if any mishaps occur.

Knowing the warranty and service each brand will offer allows you to select the perfect reach-in for you.

Choosing a Size

Check on the daily stock buy and the number of customers you serve daily. That way, you will pick a unit that accommodates your business needs.

Commercial refrigerators are in all kinds of sizes and shapes. Among the best ways to measure size is by the number of doors.

Start with what you know when looking for the right refrigerator for your kitchen. Check and measure the space in the kitchen to have an exterior dimension.

Do not forget the doorways since the refrigerator will have to fit through them to enter the kitchen. Next, check the interior dimensions.

What is the amount of storage you need? Note that various units have similar exterior dimensions but differ in the available interior cubic feet.

Consider Buying Commercial Refrigerators

When buying commercial refrigerators, you select the easy ones to clean and maintain. Also, a good warranty will be a plus for your business.

There are a few units you can choose to have in your kitchen. The above tips will aid you in choosing the commercial refrigerator that will best suit your needs.

Are you looking for an effortless path to buying commercial refrigerators?

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