How to Choose The Best Refrigeration Unit For Your Restaurant Bar

How to Choose The Best Refrigeration Unit For Your Restaurant Bar

Drinks are best served cold or chilled. For that, your restaurant bar needs a trusty piece of equipment dedicated specifically to drinks and beverages. 

While this may sound like just another purchase, you actually need a well-planned approach so you can pick one that’s worthy of investment. Your ideal refrigeration unit generally depends on your menus, space limitations, equipment feature requirement and, of course, your budget. 

Merchandise refrigeration cooler

These equipment are commonly found in groceries, convenience stores, grab-and-go shops and self-serve restaurants. This type of beverage cooler allows customers to grab drinks straight out of the fridge.

A merchandise cooler’s design resembles an upright fridge. It features multiple shelves to stock and display different beverages. With a see-through tempered glass door (or doors!), this cooler is specially made to entice customers and increase impulse sales. When utilise for restaurants, you can store fruit juices, wine coolers, bottled beer, seltzers, and other beverages.

These equipment are available in various sizes and capacities. They are equipped with control panels to adjust different settings for lights, temperatures or defrosting. Most units have castors with brakes so you can move them to another space when needed. 

If you’re looking for reliable and efficient storage solutions for frozen goods, FED’s chest freezers are a great option. With different sizes and capacities available, these freezers are designed to keep your products properly stored and preserved, ensuring that they remain fresh and ready for use whenever you need them.

Bottle coolers

For easy access to canned beverages and bottled drinks, a bottle cooler is the ideal refrigeration equipment. You can store and organise pretty much anything in there: beer, wine, soda, water, cocktails and many more. Whether exclusively for your bartender or as main equipment for a self-serve station, this equipment will do well in your restaurant. 

These commercial refrigeration equipment for beverages can store a large batch of drinks. With their horizontal design, a bottle cooler can be fitted over the counter or placed at the back of the bar. Their design also allows you to put the unit in areas with limited space. 

Back bar coolers

Bar back Cooler

When your restaurant bartender’s usual night comprises handling drinks, a back bar cooler is essential. With its low-profile design, this equipment can fit in limited spaces such as behind the bar. This type of cooler has a glass door design for ultimate visibility of products inside. It allows your bartender to have easy access to drinks and garnishes. 

Most back bar coolers are designed to match a variety of configurations for different drinks’ temperature requirements.  Some have multiple temperature zones so you can stash a variety of drinks accordingly.  A back bar cooler usually features adjustable temperatures, internal lighting, multiple adjustable shelving, and easy-to-navigate controllers. 

These equipment are usually available in two finishes: stainless steel and black laminate. The choice is up to you. 

Glass frosters

If your restaurant loves to go extra,  a glassware chiller or a glass froster will come in handy. This equipment quickly chills glassware so your drinks stay cold for a longer period of time. Not only that. The frost adds visual appeal to the drinks. This makes a glass froster ideal for higher-end drinks. Think of stepping up the way you serve martini, Vieux carré or Manhattan.

Their see-through glass door design allows you to display your glasses in style which effectively encourages sales. Not only that it will make drinks more enjoyable for your customers, it can also help you win more patrons.

With it, you can serve cold signature drinks without ice, thus, preserving the optimal taste without diluting them. This ensures that every drop of your cocktail taste just as good as the rest. 

Glass fosters are commonly offered in either under-counter or countertop designs. 

Wine refrigeration units

If your restaurant highlights wines on the menu, then having a wine refrigerator in the business is definitely a worthy investment. 

A wine cooler replicates the ideal environment of a wine cellar. It is cool, dark and at the right temperature to preserve your wines’ optimal texture, taste and aroma. 

With a reliable cooler, you can store a variety of wines. Some of this equipment have dual zone temperature features so you can store drinks in optimal conditions. 

Draft beer dispenser

Want to serve frothy and frosty drinks to your clientele? Then a draft beer dispenser is just what you need. 

A draft beer dispenser is built to keep kegs of beer chilled and hidden inside a cabinet unit. When the serving time comes, you simply have to access the drink via taps. 

Since the drinks are already loaded into the dispenser, you’re essentially saving a ton of time. Just grab the serving glass and access the tap. 

Plus, this equipment is beautifully designed so it instantly creates that inviting feeling, encouraging customers to have more drinks. 

Things to consider before buying

Now that you know about available options, make sure the equipment fits your general requirement. Things to consider:

How much space do you have for that refrigeration equipment? 

Make sure you have enough space to fit your equipment. Ideally, leave at least a 5-inch breathing space between the walls and the equipment. 

Are you particular about the equipment’s finish? 

These equipment are commonly available in classic stainless steel or contemporary coloured finishes. Bespoke finishes may be also available upon request to your provider. 

What are the ideal temperature ranges for the drinks and beverages?

This is a very important factor. You need an equipment that can provide the best temperature range for your specific drinks. 

What are the features you’re looking for?

Do you need dual or multiple-zone temperatures? Do you want internal lighting? What are your ideal shelving capacity features?

Bar refrigeration units available at FED

Are you looking for specific bar refrigeration equipment? We might have them here in Federal Hospitality Equipment. We’ve got wine coolers, back bar coolers, multi-door bottle coolers and many more. 

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