How to Create an Awesome Display for Your Catering Business

How to Create an Awesome Display for Your Catering Business

Asides from providing superb service and food/drink, any café, bakery or takeaway shop owner should also consider the presentation of their store. Seeing is believing, and knowing what’s in stock, visually, can be a determining point in a sale.

Many customers might only be looking for that one snack or beverage to quench their hunger or thirst, so here’s how you can make the best out of your establishment’s presentation and decorative set up.



Sometimes, depending on what the business sells, customers may not know 100% what they exactly want – this shows that visibility in a café or takeaway shop is key.

There are many ways for you to make your stock visually stand out and be eye-catching. Food displays and cake displays are possibly the most ideal units as they are made to showcase what you have on offer with interior lighting. Display units are also great for preservation and freshness with their temperature maintenance (depending on what’s inside of course).

Chilled food displays are great for light meals (wraps, sandwiches and cakes), while heated displays work better for soups, pies and meats. Every café, butcher, bakery or takeaway shop in the industry stocks food displays, so it’s the most obvious choice.

Another area to consider is glass-door refrigeration. Glass door fridges and chest freezers allow your customers to peek inside the unit, like food displays, for an ice-cold snack or drink.


The next vital point is organisation and positioning. It’s important to properly organise your stock for presentation and position it correctly so that each item gains maximum visibility.

Organising your stock within your store front can be meticulous and take time, especially if you store is small with limited space.

A good rule of thumb is to present only a small quantity of each food/drink, especially if your range of stock is vast. A bain marie can also be a great addition to your display setup, as it allows you to keep food items warm and ready-to-serve without compromising their quality.

You will also need to think about whether you should categorise your food and drinks to ease the display process. Think about colour, brand, size, origin and so forth. Categorising your items can sometimes simplify the process and make it easier for customers to pick.

Awesome Catering Business Display


As mentioned previously, presenting only a small portion of each food, snack or drink you stock is generally a good rule of thumb, especially when space is limited and you’re trying to make the most out of your store.

This is particularly prevalent in smaller cafes and takeaway shops who aren’t working with much room. Allocating a balanced variety can pose a greater selective range to customers, who may feel pushed for choice when there’s limited stock presented, or an inadequate amount of visual information.

If you’re a business whose range is smaller than you have more space to work with, but cafes with a large selection of foods and meals will be pushed further to create a perfected balance.


This is a short, but very important factor involved with presentation. Having price tags provides information to your customers, who can be selective in how much they’d like to spend at your store.

Price tags gives your customers reassurance and convenience, so they don’t have to ask about the cost themselves.

If no prices are present it can be a turn-off for customers who are in rush, but only want to spend a limited amount.


At the end of the day, your business should be creative with its store front display.

Creativity works perfectly together with presentation, so having a creative mind can visually attract more customers.

Creativity can take place in the form of signage, banners, images/graphics, food/drink (categorising and placement) and equipment.

Setting up a creative tone or style within your business can also be highly alluring to customers. Many cafes and shops now look towards creating a certain atmosphere and style to their business through their equipment, interior presentation, décor and plates/cutlery.


Every factor mentioned is almost irrelevant without installing the proper equipment.

The key equipment that’s needed are food displays and glass-door fridges/freezers (and wine coolers), but you can’t purchase just any sort of unit, there needs to be thorough research and thought into factors and elements like size, price, features and brand.

This all comes down to planning your set-up out and ticking off these factors one-by-one.

Measuring the area of your store, seeing how much money you have in your budget to purchase equipment, what features are best suited to your business’ needs and reviews of each brand are great ways to narrow this decision down, as choosing the right equipment can make a big difference in the quality and visual view of your meals, snacks and beverages. Ovens NZ are another crucial piece of equipment for any food-related business, and at FED Products, we offer a wide range of high-quality ovens that can suit any budget and cooking needs.

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