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Fed Service Support

To avoid needless service and undue inconvenience, check the following points before you lodge a service request.


It is essential that you carefully read supplied instructions.
This will ensure that any of the problems you encounter are not caused by misreading or incorrectly following directions.
Note: A charge will be made for a service-person’s visit if found that a machine is functioning correctly. This charge will also apply during warranty periods.


Make sure the power cord or plug has not been damaged. Is power available at the power point? Check by connecting another appliance, such as a lamp or other products that you know that are working, to the power point.


Some appliances have built in over-temperature cut-out switches for protection. Ensure that you let the unit cool down before depressing the reset switch.


Refrigerator and freezer units of all types must have condenser filters cleaned regulary. Check that they are clean before lodging a service request.


Register your Federal Hospitality Equipment bought product for optimum warranty.

Online Service Request

Fill out the online form to request for servicing your FHE bought appliance.

Print & Fax
Service Request

Print and Fill out this document and fax to us for your service request.