Single Sink Bench

Single Sink Bench

Federal Hospitality Equipment’s stainless-steel single sink benches have a universal use within your commercial kitchen when it comes to cleaning your equipment, tools and dishes.

Stainless-steel workbenches with a sink are also referred to as inlet or dishwasher benches. They are used within all kitchens across the globe and provide the basic washing and cleaning needs that all workspaces require.

Our heavy-duty single sink tables are fully adjustable and can be carefully moved left or right around your dishwasher unit, or stainless-steel bench. Placing your single sink next to a bench or dishwasher maximises its effectiveness and reduces the amount of space needed to move around to clean.

Made using pure, high quality stainless steel, our benches are built using the best materials so they can last a lifetime. These sink benches come packed carefully for quick and simple assembly, optional pot undershelves for extra storage space, splashback models and an inlet for centre bowl positioning to avoid floor spillage and extra mess.

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