Tips for Choosing the Right Commercial Freezer to Fit Your Needs

Tips for Choosing the Right Commercial Freezer to Fit Your Needs

The demand for commercial refrigeration equipment will experience an increase of 4.5% per year through the year 2022. The primary reason for this rising demand is the fast expansion of the food service and food retail market.

But what do operators of restaurants, grocery stores, supermarkets, and other businesses involving food storage and production look for in a commercial freezer? The top requirement is a fridge with the ability to preserve food and guarantee the safety of customers.

The great news is there’s a wide range of commercial freezers that provide efficient ways to freeze items. But how do you go about purchasing a freezer that’s a perfect match for your specific needs? We’ve made the job easy for you.

Tips for Choosing Commercial Freezer

In this article, we’ll give you several smart tips for choosing the best commercial freezer for your restaurant.

Assess Your Storage Needs

How much refrigeration space do you have? The amount of room in your commercial space is a huge determinant of the type and size of the restaurant equipment you choose.

For businesses with a limited floor area, it’s best to make use of the vertical space by buying an upright freezer. This way, you can maximize the amount of stock you can display or store. If, on the other hand, you have ample floor space, then you have more options when it comes to the size and kind of freezer you can choose.

Of course, it’s always a good idea to install extra cold storage that you may require as your business expands.

Decide on the Type of Commercial Freezer You Need

Now that you know how much commercial space you have, it’s time to pick a specific type of freezer. The most common examples of freezers in the market include:

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  • Reach-in commercial refrigerators – these have shallow shelves that allow you to grab items easily. They’re typically upright and have one to four doors.
  • Worktop commercial refrigerators – these refrigerators feature a workspace across the top in addition to underneath refrigeration storage. They’re essential for the prep line.
  • Roll-in commercial refrigerators – these units feature no interior shelving. They sit directly on the floor and have a minimal cabinet floor, allowing racks on castors to roll directly into the cabinet.
  • Walk-in commercial refrigerators – they’re ideal for storing large quantities of food items. They let you move around in the refrigeration space freely and have easily accessible shelves.

So which of these four kinds of commercial refrigeration do you think is best for you?

Consider the Door Configuration

Freezer doors can either be solid or glass. Both types come in full or half heights. How do you determine the best door configuration for your freezer?

Look at the pros and cons. For instance, solid doors feature better insulation. They’re much easier to clean compared to their glass counterparts.

Glass doors allow your customers and staff to see the contents of the restaurant freezer easily, eliminating the need to open and close the unit unnecessarily.

Freezers with half-height doors are usually more energy-efficient. Those with full height doors tend to have more storage space.

Opt For Energy-Efficient Freezers

How much do you currently spend on energy bills? At a time when electricity prices are rising, an energy-efficient refrigeration system is a requirement for any business.

Energy consumption can significantly differ from freezer to freezer. Sure, most energy-efficient models tend to cost more than the other models, but the energy savings can add up with time. Moreover, many energy-efficient commercial refrigeration systems qualify for tax breaks.

Research the Freezer Brand

Why does a commercial freezer brand matter? The fact is, there are numerous freezer manufacturers out there, but not all are trustworthy. Focus only on the brands with an excellent reputation for producing top-quality products.

So what should you look for in a brand? First of all, check their warranty and service history. Leverage the highest quality for the best price.

If you can, go for commercial freezers with the Energy Star emblem, as these are up to 30% more energy efficient than their counterparts.

Think About Reliability

Supermarket Freezer

When selecting a freezer for your business, reliability is key. The freezer needs to be able to keep food items cold 24 hours a day.

Commercial freezers that experience frequent failures can prove extremely costly as a result of spoilt stock and disappointed customers. Veer away from models with a reputation for unreliability, especially those with suspiciously low prices.

Of course, even the most reliable freezers require regular maintenance and occasional repairs. To minimise any risks, keep the contact details of a trustworthy repair and maintenance technician on hand.

Consider Functionality

How easy is it for your staff and customers to use the commercial freezer you’re considering? Customers like freezers they can easily open and close. They need to be able to access any products with ease.

As for you and your employees, the freezer needs to have units that are easy to pack, unpack, and clean. The temperature controls of the system should be easy to access and operate.

With our range of chest freezers NZ, you can rest assured that both your staff and customers will find them easy to use. Our freezers are designed with accessibility and functionality in mind, allowing for easy packing, unpacking, and cleaning. Additionally, our freezers feature intuitive temperature controls that are easy to access and operate, making it simple to maintain the ideal temperature for your products. With our chest freezers NZ, you can ensure that your customers have easy access to your products while your staff can work efficiently and effectively.

Know About the Freezer’s Power System

The majority of commercial freezers use 115-volt power systems when freezing food items. Others use up to 230 volts for the same purpose. Why should you understand what power system a freezer uses?

Well, it’s essential to choose a freezer that can provide enough power to keep all of your food items cold efficiently. If the freezer system you select cannot do so, you risk major losses in terms of spoilt stock.

Buy the Right Commercial Freezer Today

Finding the right commercial freezer is a major step when you’re setting up a food business or replacing your current refrigeration system. There are many factors that you need to consider as you go about deciding what type, size, and model of the unit to buy. Paying careful attention to all of these factors can put you on the right path to making the right decision.

Are you in the market for a commercial refrigeration system for your business? We have a large variety of top-notch commercial freezers you can choose from. Contact us today or visit our website for more details.

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