Conveyor Dishwasher

Operating a busy kitchen within a restaurant or café can be difficult, especially when dirty dishes and cups stock up next to your sink fast. A conveyor dishwasher can easily reduce that pile for you and create a clean and stress-free kitchen!

Commercial dishwashing can be tough, but many establishments now rely on conveyor dishwashers to clean fast by simply placing their dirty dishes, cups and cutlery on a conveyor belt and simply waiting until they become spotless, fresh and ready to be reused on the other end!

Our washers come built in different sizes with rack conveyor dishwashers, flight type dishwashers and electric versions available depending on your needs and free space. Many of these machines come shipped in from catering equipment expert – Fagor, who are one of the biggest suppliers of kitchen equipment in the hospitality industry!

Asides from their simple use these conveyor washers keep your dishes, tools, cups and cutlery hygienically clean with their thorough washing processes. FED’s dishwashers are also built with strong stainless steel with an energy saving system, baskets, rinse jets, filters and boilers.

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