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Federal Hospitality Equipment (F.E.D) is an exclusive Australian & New Zealand Commercial Kitchen Equipment importer, having an excellence history of more than forty-five years serving the commercial catering, baking, and food industries. We import very large, exclusive and professional range of commercial food equipment, catering, kitchen equipmentcommercial refrigeration, stainless steel kitchen storage which enables us to offer our customers unsurpassed value and quality. Federal Hospitality Equipment is an Australian and New Zealand company with offices, showrooms and warehouses in New South Wales (NSW supports the ACT)Queensland (QLD)South Australia (SA), supporting Tasmania (TAS) and the Northern Territory (NT), Victoria (VIC)Western Australia (WA) and in New Zealand, Auckland for supply of commercial food equipment.

Federal Hospitality Equipment works with you from beginning to end, and take your designs and implement them in a professional way. We have all your catering equipment needs in one shop, please call us at 09 415 6470 to discuss your requirement or you can find out more about our shop fittings and used catering equipment online as well. We deliver catering equipment in all major cities.

Commercial Kitchen Equipment at Federal Hospitality Equipment

Are you looking for reliable and quality commercial kitchen equipment? Then, look no further than Federal Hospitality Equipment. With a wide variety of products available and years of experience in the industry, you can count on Federal Hospitality Equipment to provide top-notch kitchen equipment for your needs.

With excellent customer service & competitive pricing, and full warranties backing up each purchase, why not take advantage today by visiting the official website or contacting representatives directly?

Federal Hospitality Equipment’s Commercial Kitchen Equipment

Federal Hospitality Equipment is committed to providing the highest quality commercial kitchen equipment for restaurants, bars and other hospitality businesses. The range of products available is second to none, from refrigeration units and fryers to ovens and grills. 

All of their products come complete with a full warranty, so you know you’re getting a reliable product that will perform well over time. Additionally, they provide customer support through telephone or email if you have any questions or concerns about their products. 

Federal Hospitality Equipment also offers competitive prices compared to some of its competitors in the market, ensuring that its customers get value for money when purchasing from them. In addition, they are constantly updating their inventory with new stock so customers can be sure they are getting the latest models at the best prices available. 

Enjoy Significant Benefits From Purchasing at Federal Hospitality Equipment 

If you are looking to purchase commercial kitchen equipment to improve efficiency in your kitchen, then consider Federal Hospitality Equipment. This company has been established for over forty-five years and is dedicated to providing high-quality products that last. Here are some benefits you can enjoy from purchasing your commercial kitchen equipment from them. 

  1. Quality Products: First and foremost, Federal Hospitality Equipment provides top-notch products designed for heavy-duty use in the commercial kitchen environment. You can trust that the products are robustly engineered and fit for purpose, with parts manufactured using only the most satisfactory materials available on the market today. As a result, these products last longer than the competition, saving time and money in the long run via their lower maintenance needs. 
  2. Comprehensive Service: Moreover, they offer an unparalleled level of service where they provide personalised technical support before and after your purchase ensuring that everything runs as smoothly as possible during implementation. As such, any questions or queries regarding installation will be answered promptly, allowing you to focus more on operating your business rather than dealing with technical issues in unfamiliar territory!  
  3. Price Matching: Last but not least, Federal Hospitality offers competitive pricing policies by offering price matching on identical items meaning that no matter where else you shop around online or elsewhere, they will match any lower price to make sure you get the best deal out there! 

Purchasing commercial kitchen equipment from Federal Hospitality Equipment comes with numerous advantages, such as quality assurance of their durable products and comprehensive service before and after sales making them one of the best suppliers of industrial-grade catering machinery available today. Not only this but also their competitive pricing policies ensure maximum value when buying new items – so why wait? Check out our website now for great deals!

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