Commercial Butcher Equipment

We stock a variety of tools, appliances and meat processing equipment including saws, meat slicers, cutters, bowls, mixers, cabinets, grinders, meat mincers and sausage fillers. We also stock a variety of accessories for your butchery or meat production process.

Perfect for butchers, our butchery equipment is some of the highest quality meat processing tools within the catering equipment industry. We source our tools and equipment from some of the best catering equipment brands across the globe including Matador. Asides from butcheries, our equipment and vast range of specialised meat tools are also useful for fast food establishments, pizzerias, burger places, takeaway stores and restaurant kitchens.

Whether your cutting, dicing, slicing or mixing, we have everything you need to create the best meat-based meals such as sausages, steaks, pork, turkey, beef and lamb.

Our range also includes other meat-based production equipment including sausage fillers and mixers to shape your slabs of meat and dry-aging cabinets to store and prepare your food for consumption. Our dry-aging cabinets are especially suitable for restaurants, butcheries and supermarkets.

All of our butcher equipment and tools are made from pure stainless steel or constructed using heavy duty materials. Our equipment is also highly compact, versatile, robust, and, for many of our appliances, detachable for easy storage within your benchtop or workbench fridges. You can also use the same benchtop to place your butcher equipment and tools for simplicity.

Please contact us directly for further information on our butchery equipment or to browse our stock in depth.

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