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Buying commercial refrigeration has never been so simple with Food Equipment. We are commercial refrigeration experts with many years in the sector. We have the necessary knowledge and contacts to deliver the best products at the best prices; no matter what your refrigeration needs are, we can help from advising you on the right types to helping you with any after-sales questions. Our team is here to help, and we pride ourselves on going the extra distance for our customers.

We stand behind every product we sell and will help you find the ideal refrigeration unit, whether you fit out a commercial kitchen, supermarket, or smaller convenience store. Our commercial refrigeration are available in a wide variety of unit styles, including bar fridges, upright fridges, wine coolers, vertical freezers, chest freezers, ice machines, and so on.

We understand that for every business, there is a careful balance between quality and price. That is why we work so hard to keep our prices down, and it is also why we help all our customers find the ideal fridges for their purposes; by providing accurate and insightful advice, we can help you balance your budgetary requirements with your need for reliability and functionality.

When you buy from Food Equipment, you know that you are buying from Australia’s leading supplier of commercial kitchen equipment.

Finding the right refrigeration system is essential to running any hospitality business. Whether you are a restaurateur, caterer, or hotelier, having reliable and efficient commercial refrigeration can be the difference between success and failure.

We strive to provide the best commercial refrigeration solutions at Federal Hospitality Equipment. In addition, our commitment to customer service means that your hospitality business will always have a reliable partner when it comes time for repairs or replacements – allowing you peace of mind year after year! 

If you’re looking for durable yet efficient commercial refrigeration solutions, look no further than Federal Hospitality Equipment – bringing years of experience in design, installation and maintenance directly from trusted professionals in this field.

Refrigeration Solutions for Your Hospitality Business at Federal Hospitality Equipment

Federal Hospitality Equipment has been providing top-of-the-line commercial refrigeration solutions. We offer the best systems and customer service to keep your hospitality business running smoothly. From versatile reach-in coolers to powerful under-counter coolers, we have it all! Our high-quality draft beer systems also provide perfect temperature control for any bar or restaurant’s needs. 

All our equipment is built with high-quality parts and materials designed to last a lifetime. We also offer customized services to create the perfect system for your business’s unique needs. In addition, our team of experts is available 24/7 so that you always have someone to help you with any questions or issues. 

Plus, our team provides regular maintenance on all of our equipment so that it runs like clockwork no matter how busy your business gets! We understand how necessary it is for your hospitality business to remain safe and efficient; therefore, we use only certified parts when repairing our products so that they meet safety standards every time! 

Tips For Buying Commercial Refrigeration at New Zeleand

If you are looking for top-notch commercial refrigeration to equip your business, look no further than Federal Hospitality Equipment. We will provide helpful tips to make the buying process smooth and successful. 

  1. Research Your Needs: Before shopping for commercial refrigeration, consider your food service and equipment requirements. Evaluate the types of dishes you’ll be serving and expected storage and work capabilities to find a unit best suited for these needs. 
  2. Set a Budget: Knowing your budget before shopping is vital! It will help keep your selection narrowed down and within reach financially. Think about all the expenses of owning a commercial refrigerator, such as installation fees, permits, taxes, etc., so that you have an accurate budget set up when making this purchase. 
  3. Invest in Quality Brand Name Appliances: When it comes to quality appliances, brand names are everything! Investing in trusted brand-name appliances like those offered by Federal Hospitality Equipment has proven time. And again, they can help reduce energy costs while meeting food safety needs in any kitchen setting over extended periods due to their durable designs and superior technology used to manufacture them.  
  4. Compare Features & Benefits From Different Brands: It’s essential not only to compare prices but also to compare features & benefits from products among different brands according to how each appliance is unique in its way – size, storage capacity, ease-of-use, energy efficiency rating etc. Make sure every aspect meets or exceeds expectations before finalizing any purchase decision. 
  5. Read Reviews & Test Drive The Product: Does the supplier or manufacturer offer free sample trials? How about other feedback from prior customers? Be sure to read reviews from customers who have recently purchased similar models. Ask questions regarding performance, noise level experienced during use, user satisfaction level, etc., before making a purchase decision. 
  6. Post-Sale Service Support: Also, make sure there are post-sale service supports available, so remember to ask this question too! Last, check warranty details, especially on longer-term services coverage, which offers repair or even replacement if needed. 

Buying new commercial refrigeration can be easy when purchasing from an established provider like Federal Hospitality Equipment – but only if done right! With these simple steps outlined above – researching needs; setting a budget; investing in quality brands; comparing features & benefits; reading customer reviews; testing out products; post-sale service support – any business owner looking for quality cold storage solutions at affordable prices shouldn’t think twice about doing business with us!

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