An industry leader in catering equipment and refrigeration, Federal Hospitality Equipment supplies over 500 models of bar fridges, display fridges, upright fridges, workbench fridges, compact workbench fridges, and wine fridges. Our range showcases the leading brands such as Italia cool, temperate thermister, and FED’s exclusive line, which includes single, two, three, and four-door options.

Our bar fridges are specially designed for bars with adjustable shelf heights to fit a variety of bottle shapes and sizes. Our fridges are well built and durable, made from stainless steel and robust materials, with high-quality motors and interior lights to ensure your product runs at its potential best. From mini bar fridges to beer fridges, black and white, side by side, solid door, glass door – there’s an endless variety of units on sale at FED.

Maintain a well-designed and productive piece in your establishment and consider the variety of other available catering equipment options.

It’s always wise to buy from an established brand like Federal Hospitality Equipment as they guarantee excellent quality products. 

Investing in a bar fridge from Federal Hospitality Equipments offers excellent value for money thanks to its energy-efficient technology, long-lasting materials, and extensive selection that caters perfectly to customer needs providing utmost satisfaction.

At FED, we also offer invaluable after-sales support through their team of professionals who can provide technical advice related to installation/maintenance or spare parts/replacement services if required at any point in time during the life cycle of the product purchased from them. 

So why wait anymore? Go ahead and place your order now!

Get Efficient Bar Fridges at Federal Hospitality Equipment

Are you looking for a high-performance bar fridge to equip your kitchen with? Federal Hospitality Equipment is the perfect destination to find the right fit without compromising efficiency and quality. 

With superior insulation and eco-friendly cooling technologies, these refrigerators can help you reduce your carbon footprint while giving high-performance results. The bar fridges come in an array of stainless steel and other heavy-duty materials that will last for years. In addition, these are designed to keep budget requirements in mind so that you can easily cater to all needs within a budget range. 

In addition, their unique design makes them look modern and aesthetically pleasing even in spaces with limited size or space for storage solutions. Federal Hospitality Equipment stocks various bar fridges with different temperature settings and sizes, ranging from under-counter models to full-size ones suitable for large bars or pubs. 

Numerous advanced features such as digital temperature displays, adjustable shelves and interior lighting systems make it easier to select what would work best for your particular situation. 

Bar Fridges at FHE: Specially Designed for Bars with Adjustable Shelf Heights

Bar fridges offer a great way to store and display bottled beverages in various sizes, from large beer kegs to small bottles. If you own a bar, you’ll understand how important it is to have one that fits your needs. 

Bar fridges come in various shapes and sizes, with adjustable shelf heights that fit whatever bottle shape or size you need. They are designed specifically for bars, offering convenience, safety, and style. In addition, the shelves inside the fridge are adjustable so that you can easily arrange different types of bottles. 

They also help keep delicate bottles safe from breakage or spoilage thanks to their temperature control settings, ensuring food-safe temperatures are maintained. Not to mention just how much simpler stocking up becomes when each shelf can accommodate different types and sizes without issue. 

Bar Fridges at FHE: Well Built and Durable

A bar fridge is an excellent addition to any living space. It is also a great way to add convenience and aesthetic value to any room. It adds comfort, style, and luxury to your room. However, not all bar fridges are built the same. 

Our fridges are well built and durable, made from stainless steel and robust materials, with high-quality motors and interior lights to ensure your product runs at its potential best. 

Additionally, many modern designs include LED lighting inside, which creates a pleasant ambience while still illuminating all the items stored within – perfect for customers looking for something special! Furthermore, LED lighting adds subtle glamour, creating an attractive atmosphere.

Buying the Right Bar Fridge for Your Home at FHE

Are you thinking of upgrading your home with a new bar fridge? Look no further than FED for your entire range of options. There is an endless variety of fridges available on the market, ranging from mini bar fridges to beer fridges. Colour choices are pretty diverse, too – you can go with classic black or white. If you want to go all out and make a statement in your home, you can get a side-by-side unit or one with either a solid or glass door. 

When shopping around for bar fridges, you must consider what type of beverages you want to store in them and how often you will use them. Getting a mini fridge might suffice if you’re mainly storing cans or bottles that don’t need refrigeration. But suppose you’re looking for something bigger. In that case, side-by-side units offer great storage solutions that take up minimal space. Glass door units also give good visibility when accessing drinks and displaying them nicely when entertaining guests at home. 

Whatever design option best suits your budget and style needs, FED has it all! With plenty of diverse options readily available at FED – finding a suitable fridge will be simple! Get yours today!

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