Coffee is the hot drink that everyone loves, especially in the mornings, so regardless of whether you’re a large-scale restaurant or tiny café, an espresso, or coffee machine, is a vital piece of equipment to have.

FED serves up some of the most efficient commercial espresso machines in the industry, coming shipped straight from Bezzera, an Italian catering equipment brand known for their refined, high-end espresso and coffee makers. We also stock models and coffee accessories from our very own warehouse, which are built to produce unbeatable warm drinks.

Creating fantastic coffee provides great benefits to your business, as coffee is a daily drink for most, and customers will return to any business that serves up quality coffee on a consistent basis. This means it’s vital to have an effective barista at the helm and a top-end coffee maker.

At FED we supply a huge range of coffee machines in a myriad of sizes from semi-professional to professional and semi-automatic to automatic. Our innovative machines are coated with a steel body with water, steam, boiler refills, temperature stability and frothing for that creamy taste. We stock coffee grinders to crush your beans, coffee tampers to smooth out your blend and cup warmers to keep your beverages piping hot.

You can check out Federal’s informative buying guide for tips and guidance on what to look for when you purchase your next espresso machine or coffee maker. This will help you craft the richest and smoothest coffee imaginable!

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