Dishwasher Inlet Bench

Washing dishes and keeping your kitchen area clean and tidy is a very necessary and often overlooked task. Helping your dishwashing staff and keeping your area tidy can be made simpler with a stainless-steel inlet dishwasher bench. An inlet bench can be usually placed next to a dishwasher and ultimately aids in cleaning your commercial kitchen equipment and tools.

A stainless-steel inlet workbench, like your stainless-steel dishwasher bench comes packed with simple assembly and is fully adjustable with an optional solid undershelf and castor kit, with splashback units also available for purchase.

An inlet bench gives you a wide range of uses when operating with a dishwasher and most prominently features a single sink, or double sinks. By contrast to an outlet bench, which provides space for equipment and dishes waiting to be cleaned. Made using strong SUS304 stainless steel and bound to deliver the most cleanliness commercial catering tools and appliances after use, the inlet bench is one to watch out for.

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