Bakery and Pizza Equipment

Bakeries and pizzerias have never looked better with FED’s assortment of top-end bakery and pizza equipment. Made to craft your delicious pizzas and pastries, our food preparation equipment comes built and serviced within our very own doors. We also ship in high-quality models and accessories from renowned catering equipment suppliers such as Prismafoods and Bakermax. These suppliers comprise of the biggest slice when it comes to the immense range of pizza and bakery equipment machines we currently have on offer.

FED stocks a massive variety of bakery and dough making equipment like bread provers to keep your bread fresh for long periods of time, bread slicers for cutting, planetary and spiral mixers to mix your hard dough so it’s soft and fluffy, and dough sheeters to stretch your mixture out.

FED’s pizza equipment is heavy-duty made and bound to last for a lifetime. We stock quality pizza ovens including German black panther ovens, which are powerfully built and constructed in a variety of sizes to fit into any commercial kitchen with ease. These ovens are able to cook your pizzas with absolute precision and heat for the ideal taste.

Our steel pizza prep benches act as both tables and supply stations to create your pizzas and store your ingredients above and below in a refrigerated environment. We also have pizza shaping machines and tools such as our dough rollers, dough rounders, moulders, shapers and dividers for smoothing out and shaping your soft mix.

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