Commercial Deep Fryers

With the efficiency and power of larger models, our commercial fryers are manufactured to operate at peak performance while freeing up valuable countertop space. We sell only quality commercial benchtop and free standing fryers, ideal for restaurants and fast food joints.

Some of our product’s features include time controlled automatic basket lift, quick heating and recovery, heavy duty stainless steel construction, handles, lids and safety thermostat.

FED provides reliable fryers that merge both speed and ease with lightweight designs, allowing you maximise the use of your fryer within any area of the kitchen.

Find only the best commercial fryers from the leading brands in the industry, such as electmax, frymax or our own, exclusive range. When choosing the best commercial fryer for your business, you can’t go wrong with Federal Hospitality Equipment.

If you’re looking for a durable, commercial deep fryer to help meet the demands of your high-volume kitchen, look no further than Federal Hospitality Equipment. With many years in the industry, we’ve accumulated the experience needed to guide you in the right direction when selecting a fryer so that it meets all safety codes and shows long-lasting performance. 

For those searching for a reliable commercial deep fryer at an economical price, look no further than Federal Hospitality Equipment! We guarantee satisfaction from start to finish with product selection advice and excellent customer service from when it takes us to process orders until after purchase follow-up is done. So don’t wait any longer – explore our comprehensive selection today so you can get started on taking your cookery experience up one notch higher!

Choose the Perfect Commercial Deep Fryer for Sale at New Zealand

From many options to choose from, filter systems built-in or external, as well as freestanding units – whatever your needs may be – Federal Hospitality Equipment has it all! Our commitment remains to offer quality products at fair prices and excellent customer service throughout our engagement. 

We provide competitive pricing on all of our items and exceptional customer service with any order, ensuring all customers are satisfied every step along their purchase journey. So if you’re looking for a reliable commercial deep fryer to satisfy all your business needs, then Federal Hospitality has the right one for you! 

FED’s commercial deep fryers have top-notch features such as a time-controlled automatic basket lift, quick heating, and recovery times. Heavy-duty stainless steel construction combined with the safety thermostat feature to provide accurate temperature settings makes this fryer stand out above the rest. Check out Federal Hospitality today to find the right professional deep fryer that fits your operation!

The Benefits of Commercial Deep Fryers at Federal Hospitality Equipment

Our lineup of deep fryers is designed to precisely heat your food with so many features you can rely on. In addition, our extensive range of high-quality products lets you find what’s suitable for your kitchen. Here are what FED’s commercial deep fryers are proud of:

  • Time-controlled automatic basket lift. With this feature, your baskets can be automatically lifted up or down depending on the set times. This feature helps reduce labour costs by eliminating the need to manually lower or raise baskets – helping you save money in the long run. 
  • Quick heating and recovery. FED’s commercial deep fryers heat up quickly so you can cook more dishes at once while maintaining an even temperature throughout frying, resulting in a better-tasting end product.
  •  Heavy-duty stainless steel construction. FED features heavy-duty stainless steel construction that ensures durability over many years of continued use. 
  • Handles and lids are designed for safety and convenience. Guarantee a better user experience without compromising important aspects such as operational stability or security from possible accidents. 
  • The safety thermostat feature ensures temperature accuracy. We’ve also equipped our commercial deep fryers with a safety thermostat feature that provides temperature accuracy throughout the frying process to ensure superior results every time! 
  • Our lightweight designs. Moving around any deep fryer can be a hassle. Still, with lightweight designs and simple operations, you can relocate quickly and easily, making them easier to maneuver during busy rush hours without causing fatigue or discomfort – perfect for those who need speed during peak hours!  

So if you’re looking for quality yet affordable solutions to your commercial deep fryer needs, look no further than FED! We have what it takes to deliver outstanding results, whether it’s high output capacity or operational efficiency – get your very own commercial deep fryer today only at FED!

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