Hot Food Display and Servery Equipment

Whether you’re presenting cold or hot food it’s important to have the right food display units within your business to get the job done right.

At Federal Hospitality Equipment, our hot food display cabinets are effective in showcasing your food, while also maintaining a stable temperature.

Ideal for bakeries and takeaway stores serving up pies, sausage rolls, soups and meat-based ingredients, a hot food display can work wonders. You should also consider our efficient bain marie appliances and soup kettles as additional tools to create your delicious hot food.

Our bain marie machines are best suited to any commercial kitchen requiring an appliance to gently heat food at a constant temperature, and at a gradual pace. Combine these bain maries with our easy to clean gn pans for your workspace processes to simplify in crafting the ideal heated food for your patrons within a hygienic and fast-working environment.

Our hot food displays at FED come supplied to us from some of the most well-known catering equipment brands including Bonvue, Belleview and Bellevista. Our cabinets are constructed with tough stainless-steel for stability, LED lighting for the best interior views possible and other great features.

Check out Federal Hospitality Equipment’s fantastic range of hot food displays and servery equipment today!

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