Most Trusted Types of Commercial Coffee Machines In New Zealand –  Buying Guide

Most Trusted Types of Commercial Coffee Machines In New Zealand –  Buying Guide

You could fairly say that the coffee culture in NZ is as strong as espresso. Some 66% of kiwis regularly drink coffee. So whether you’re exclusively running a coffee shop or have coffee as a part of your menu, you need a trusty machine for these people of culture. 

If you’re looking for the best coffee machine for your business, read on. This guide will go over the different types of coffee makers used by businesses in NZ. You might find your best pick here. 

Espresso Machine

Espresso coffee makers are often used by cafes, coffee shops, and sandwich parlours that offer speciality coffee. Espresso coffee (the coffee produced by this said machine) is the usual base to create a variety of speciality drinks such as lattes, cappuccinos, and mocha. Espresso coffee can also be served as is, as shots. With an espresso machine’s versatility, it becomes one of the favourite gizmos of baristas. 

Commercial espresso machines are offered in automatic, semi-automatic and manual control. These machines are designed to bring the signature style that espresso is known for – a bitter taste and a higher level of caffeine. 

Espresso machines create unique layers of flavours that other coffee makers cannot produce. An espresso coffee layer includes the crema (bubbly top), the body (which holds the aroma and flavour), and, the heart that sits on the bottom of a cup which is the most acidic part of an espresso shot. 

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Bezzera Professional Espresso Machine

Bezzera Coffee machines NZ

With a 3-litre frothing ability, automatic broiler refill, cup warmers,  and unbeatable preventive safety features, this one is a workhorse in a lot of coffee shops in NZ. Bezzera Professional Espresso Machine is made with AISI 304 commercial grade brushed stainless steel so it wouldn’t back down even on the busiest day. 

Arcadia Professional Espresso Coffee Machine

Arcadia Coffee Machines NZ

This coffee maker lets you adjust the temperature for each group head. The pressure is also customisable for every coffee extraction stage. Now that’s some magic feature to set the brewing ratio for the perfect espresso. 

Airpot Coffee Makers

These coffee makers are often used by catering businesses where coffee and hot other beverages have to be transported to customers’ locations. The coffee is kept hot via a vacuum-insulated chamber. By brewing the coffee into the preheated airpot, the coffee is not burnt or overcooked so it retains its best temperature without affecting the flavour. This equipment is recommended for small and medium demands. Commercial grade airpot coffee makers can hold several cups of coffee at a time.       

Single-cup Coffee Maker

This type of coffee maker is often used in offices and businesses with low demands and can settle for one good cup at a time. Single-cup coffee maker produces exactly the number of cups after its name. While very low in production, it guarantees a freshly brewed cup every time.

Most single-cup coffee makers allow every person to customise their cup according to their liking. There are single-serve coffee makers that can hold different flavours at a time. 

In-room Coffee Makers 

These coffee makers are commonly used in hotel and motel rooms so guest can brew their own coffee. Guests who can’t live without their caffeine fix would very much appreciate having an in-room coffee maker.  

These coffee makers are available in different styles and capacities. Some units are capable of producing several cups while others can only produce one cup at a time. 

Satellite Coffee Brewers

Satellite coffee brewers are used in catering and buffets where hot coffee is self-serve all the time. The way this equipment work is that it brews a lot of coffee directly into a large insulated thermal brew dispenser. The dispenser is then taken to the event place for people to consume.  This coffee maker features warming stations that keep the drink at its peak temperature. Its detachable and portable serving parts, dispensers and warming plates make its design unique, hence the name, “satellite coffee brewers”. 

It is important to note that these coffee machines hold a high volume of coffee. They can produce a large number of outputs per hour so if you have a huge customer base for coffee, consider this equipment. 

Commercial Drip Coffee Makers

Drip coffee makers are commonly found in homes but there are bigger units designed for commercial use. A drip coffee maker is simply a machine that uses gravity to brew. When the water in the reservoir is heated, it flows to the ground coffee beans extracting their flavours. The liquid then passes through the filter then into the coffee pot and after that, the coffee is ready.  

The commercial-grade version of a drip coffee maker is made to hold multiple cups, making it among the best coffee machines for smaller restaurants and cafes.

Coffee Urns 

Consider a coffee urn as a large pot where you can make coffee and keep it hot for the crowd.  This type of coffee machine is usually used in events, catering, weddings, meetings, banquets and other large receptions. These coffee machines can produce between 10 to 100 cups, depending on the unit’s capability. 

The drink is accessible via a central spigot, where the guest can get their coffee when they want. In restaurant settings, coffee urns are kept in the kitchen so they are only accessible to staff and servers. 

FED Offers the Best Coffee Machines for Restaurants and other Business Uses

Not sure which type of coffee machine to pick for your business? Our friendly team can help you narrow down your options. Our showrooms carry the most trusted brands of coffee machines including our own. 
To ask questions about our commercial coffee makers, you can call our representatives at 027 509 5192 (south showrooms) and at 027 509 5001 (north showrooms). For other areas in NZ and Auckland, you can call the FED team at 0800 081 847. Alternatively, you can also email us at  [email protected]

In addition to coffee machines, FED also offers a range of other commercial kitchen equipment, such as bain maries, chest freezers, and ovens, to help businesses operate efficiently and effectively. If you are interested in checking out these products, you can visit the FED website or contact their team for assistance.

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