Baker’s Dozen: 13 Essential Equipment for Bakeries and Pizzerias

Baker’s Dozen: 13 Essential Equipment for Bakeries and Pizzerias

Outfitting a bakery or pizzeria will take work. A lot of work. The biggest challenge is finding high-performance equipment that can withstand a busy workspace. Your ideal equipment will depend on your space limitation, feature requirements, preferred accessories and budget. 

Being one of the most trusted commercial kitchen equipment suppliers across Australia and New Zealand, we tend to notice the most common purchases from our clients. As for bakeries and pizzerias, here are the top equipment that clients look for when consulting us or visiting our showrooms.

1. Prep station 

Workbenches (also known as prep stations) are basically work tables where you can prepare ingredients and assemble dishes. These commercial kitchen equipment are available in different styles and designs. Some prep stations feature refrigerated storage and ambient worktops. Other prep tables are equipped with cutting board tops. There are some with built-in cabinet drawers.

Stainless steel prep workbenches. These are solid tables built from high-performance, food-friendly stainless steel. They are commonly used by bakeries to prepare dough, arrange bread or assemble ingredients altogether.

Refrigerated prep tables. These workbenches have designated refrigerated compartments where you can store and organise ingredients to keep them fresh. Most contemporary prep station refrigerated units are built with stainless steel. The refrigerated design allows you to easily access ingredients while working on the bench. Refrigerated prep benches are among the most prefered workbenches in the industry because they are built to streamline processes ultimately saving time whilst assuring all ingredients stay fresh and within reach.

2. Smallwares

These are the small but mighty things that your professional kitchen cannot live without.


From rolling pins to frying tongs and pastry mats and everything else in between, think of smallwares as essential kitchen tools that make preparation, assembling and serving more streamlined.  Common smallwares for bakeries and pizzerias include but are not limited to:

  • Measuring equipment
  • Thermometers
  • Sheets
  • Pans
  • Dishes
  • Liners
  • Spatulas
  • Brushes
  • Markers
  • Sieves
  • Sifters
  • Pan Knives
  • Pastry Clothes
  • Batter dispenser
  • Shears

3. Sheet pan racks

These kitchen tools are designed so you can store, organise and serve your items. These racks allow air to efficiently circulate on the items you put on them. With their designs, these racks make cooling faster without affecting your products’ texture, aroma and taste.  

Commercial-grade sheet pan racks can hold a bulk number of items for efficient stacking and organising. These equipment are available in stationery design. Some of them are equipped with castor wheels so you can move your goods from one space to another.

4. Refrigeration Equipment

Whether you are running a bakery or a pizzeria, there will surely be a need for refrigeration equipment. It’s necessary for your ingredients, condiments, sauces, finished products and other temperature-sensitive items. 

Temperature plays a big role when it comes to choosing a refrigeration equipment. That being said, the temperature capacity of a unit must be taken into consideration. Also look into dimension, energy efficiency, features, accessories and storage capacity. Make sure all of these match your requirement. 

5. Dry storage

The level of humidity in the air affects the density, shelf life, flavour and quality of your ingredients. Hence, you need proper equipment for dry items.

Dry storage is simply a space or equipment where you can stock dry goodies like cereals, flour, dried past and tinned products. This type of storage does not require temperature control and is not refrigerated. Commercial dry storages are available in a variety of sizes and styles. 

6. Display casing

Display casings are available in refrigerated and heated designs. This enclosed equipment is the best way to display your products whilst keeping them inside a safe environment. And, because these are designed with see-through tempered glasses, these display casings are built to impress. They are the best equipment to present your products to your customers.  

The glass shelves are equipped with internal lighting for complete visibility. The casing covers the goods; efficiently keeping them away from potential germs and bacteria. The encasing also ensures that only a limited number of people can touch the foods inside. 

If you are interested in finding the right display casing for your business, FED offers a variety of options in both refrigerated and heated designs. Along with display casings, FED also offers other commercial kitchen equipment, such as bain maries and chest freezers, to help businesses operate efficiently and effectively. With the right equipment, your business can present products to customers in an attractive and safe manner, while also ensuring that they are properly stored and preserved.

These equipment are fairly easy to maintain. You simply have to wipe them with a cleaning solution. 

7. Point-of-sales (POS)

A guaranteed investment that will help you streamline the business and finances.

A point-of-sales system allows you to take orders fast and keep track of everything involved in your business’ finances. With it, you can generate invoices, collect data from those invoices, and keep track of your inventories. With the most current POS models, reporting is accessible via multiple devices. 

Modern POS features marketing capabilities. You can create loyalty programs and discounted promos.

8. Washing equipment

From surfaces to the air inside your workspace, everything has to be cleaned and properly sanitised. When it comes to cleaning equipment, you shouldn’t penny-pinch. 

With a clean production, you’re not just compliant with industry standards. You’re also ensuring your foods are safe, clean and are of their best quality.  

Cleaning a bakery or pizzeria kitchen involves a lot of washing, hence the need for washing equipment.  Some equipment commonly used by bakeries and  pizzerias include: 

  • Basket washers
  • Drying system
  • Pan washers
  • Pallete washers
  • Dishwashers

9. Safety equipment 

Safety equipment are not just for compliance with food and safety regulations. They are of utmost importance for you, your customers and your staff’s safety.  Basic safety equipment includes first aid kids, aprons, gloves, chemical safety sheets and date labels for products. 

10. Dough mixers

Dough mixers

These equipment are built to mix ingredients so you can produce cake batter or bread dough in record time minus all the manual labour.  If you have a high-speed business, then a dough mixer is a truly worthy investment. 

Dough mixers are available in different styles, sizes and yield capacities. Choose one that is capable to produce enough dough mixes on your busiest day.

11. Food processors

A food processor is a multi-tasking equipment that can do pretty much everything: grinding, mixing, kneading, chopping, mixing, and whisking, among others. When choosing an ideal food processor, look into the following features:

  • Straightforward usage
  • Useful accessories
  • Easy to clean
  • Complete with safety features
  • Quality and build of the machine

12. Ovens

Pizza oven

At the heart of a bakery or a pizzeria is a trusty piece of oven equipment or two…or more. In the oven is where the magic happens. 

Commercial-grade ovens are made for precision. They are created to meet demands of busy businesses.  A reliable commercial oven equipment ensures that your foods are done well according to the quality you’re after. It should be easy to operate and require less maintenance. 

13. Cutting tools

Cutting tools for bakeries and pizzerias are basic and straightforward.  Depending on your menu, you might need a lot or just a few. But, as a rule of thumb, always have chef’s knives in the kitchen.

Here are some cutting tools you can look into. 

  • Offset spatulas
  • Pastry cutters
  • Chefs knives
  • Serrated bread knives
  • Paring knives
  • Beater knives

Let’s help you put together the best equipment for your business

At Federal Hospitality Equipment, we’ve worked with bakeries, pizzerias, restaurants, buffets and hospitality businesses. Looking for specific equipment?  We will be happy to assist with your need. You can call the sales team at 027 509 5192 (Auckland South)  or at 027 509 5001 (Auckland North). You may also email us at  [email protected] 

We’ve got a handful of professional and commercial-grade equipment available in our showrooms across NZ and Australia. 

We offer pass-through dishwashers, conveyor dishwashers, e refrigeration equipment, stainless steel work benches, POS, washing equipment, food processors, ovens,  smallwares and many more.

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