Benefits of Buying Used Commercial Kitchen Equipment

Benefits of Buying Used Commercial Kitchen Equipment

Thinking of buying used commercial kitchen equipment? 

Purchasing kitchen supplies can cost you money, whether you’re opting for brand new units or used ones. Obviously, used commercial kitchen equipment are relatively cheaper and you may be eyeing them. 

You may be thinking:

  • Are used commercial kitchen equipment worth my money?
  • Is it logical to buy closed-down restaurant equipment on sale?
  • Are their kitchen equipment auctions in New Zealand? 
  • Can I haggle prices on second-hand commercial kitchen equipment?

Then the biggest question is where to buy used commercial kitchen equipment in NZ. 

We put together this quick guide that you can use as a reference to answer your necessary questions about purchasing second-hand kitchen equipment. We’ll walk you through the ups and downs of choosing used commercial kitchen equipment

Federal Hospitality Equipment offers used commercial kitchen equipment at very reasonable prices. We’ve got refrigerator units, dishwasher equipment, ovens, workbenches and more. Most of our preloved kitchen supplies have extended warranties so you don’t have to worry about repairs and maintenance. 

Need help finding your ideal kitchen equipment? Just give us a call at 09 415 6470.

Should You Buy New or Used Restaurant Equipment?

The difference between new and used kitchen equipment is the money you are shelling out. New equipment will have higher up-front cost, which are considerable investments covered by the seller’s warranties and guarantees.

Choosing second-hand kitchen equipment requires you to do the due diligence so you can ensure your money is not wasted. This includes a lot of research and visits to showrooms for demos. 

By choosing used equipment, you can easily own fixtures without having to spend too much.  The rule of thumb is to opt for units from the most trusted brands and suppliers. You should also choose local providers so you can visit showrooms and displays to evaluate units yourself.

When to buy used equipment for a commercial kitchen.

  • When you’re a start-up and have a limited budget. 
  • When you want additional kitchen equipment but don’t want to spend a lot of money.
  • When you’re adding new menus that need a specific equipment but you don’t have enough budget for a brand new one. 

Benefits of Buying Used Commercial Kitchen Equipment

Not because they’re cheaper doesn’t mean they cannot match the performance of brand new commercial kitchen equipment. Most used commercial kitchen supplies on sale are typically only used between one to three years. Most of them have fewer to non-visible signs of wear and tear. This is essential information because commercial equipment are specifically designed to last for decades. Bigger equipment like ovens, stoves and refrigeration units have a lengthy lifespan so even if you buy them used or second-hand, they can still serve you well in so many years to come. 

Trusted kitchen providers such as FED offers preloved commercial kitchen equipment and used commercial kitchen appliances and most of them have warranties. We offer equipment that are fully operational and free from defects. Just like brand new commercial equipment, these units are constructed to serve you well no matter how busy the kitchen gets.

And yes, you can haggle the prices. Know that prices on second-hand equipment are not fixed. You can always negotiate. Don’t be scared to ask and haggle. Since some equipment still are still covered by a warranty, you don’t have to pay for repair and maintenance costs. 

Then, there’s the tax leeway. When purchasing second-hand equipment, you likely qualify for a tax deduction. As stated on, “you can claim a GST credit on second-hand goods bought in New Zealand for your business – even if the seller isn’t registered for GST.”

This is not just about outfitting your commercial kitchen for a lesser cost. With high-quality second-hand commercial kitchen equipment, you can ensure that your kitchen carries equipment that are built for heavy use and are built to perform in business settings. They can do a range of tasks, just as the same as brand new ones. 

Used commercial kitchen equipment on sale typically includes freebie items. Oftentimes it could be smaller kitchenware, toasters or tableware. And, who doesn’t like a good freebie? Ask the supplier for a freebie and you’ll likely get some. 

Second-hand Commercial Kitchen Equipment Worth Buying

As mentioned earlier,  if you’re purchasing second-hand kitchen equipment, it’s best to go for the bigger machines. These equipment are built to endure the test of time and for heavy-duty use in busy kitchens. So even, if, say, you’re choosing an equipment that’s already three years old,  you still have years ahead to benefit from it. 

commercial fridges category

Refrigeration units

These equipment often cost a fortune when bought brand spanking new.  Depending on what type of refrigeration unit you’re after, you are likely to shell out a couple of thousands of dollars. Used refrigeration units are often offered way less than brand new ones. At FED, we have refrigeration equipment offered at 10-30% less on some of our items. 

Most commercial refrigerators are built to last for years.  For instance, a typical high-performance chest freezer can last for two decades even with less maintenance. Higher life expectancy if you’re diligent on maintenance and checkups. 

cooktop & range equipment category

Gas equipment

There’s so many reasons to choose second-hand gas equipment. For one, there’s the saving, then, the fact that they’re practical equipment. Compared to their electronic counterparts, these units are easy to repair. Their parts are also quick to find. They break down less often. Best of all, they have a longer lifespan. Gas ranges, for example, have an average life expectancy of 13 years. Consider this factor when purchasing a second gas equipment unit.  

Ovens and ranges

Ovens are usually a staple in commercial kitchens. They have longer lifespans so they make a good second-hand purchase. When asking for a demo from the supplier, inspect the parts. Check that features match with what you need to do in your kitchen.  Most importantly, check that unit heat evenly and the seals are intact. 


Imagine saving up to 50% on tableware that have minimal to no signs of wear and tear. If you’re starting up a new hospitality business or want to add new tableware for your growing number of patrons, then choosing preloved items would save you a lot of money. Plus, you’re giving them a second life and saving them from being thrown into landfills!  What can you buy as secondhand items? Pretty much everything. From serveware to dinnerware, flatware or silverware and drinkware. 

benchtop fryer category


Those innovative fryers that are highly praised by chefs in Australia and New Zealand, they are also offered as second-hand or refurbished.  Go for the most trusted brands of second-hand fryers and you won’t be disappointed. 

A properly cared for commercial fryer can last between 15 to 20 years. If you’re buying an equipment that has only been used for 3 years, that means you can still have a lot of years to make use and profit from it.

How to Find Your Ideal Second Hand Kitchen Equipment

Although second-hand kitchen equipment comes with perks, there are also some downsides to them. Hence, you need to do your research. 

  • Tag along your chefs when purchasing.  
  • List down the functionalities that you need. 
  • Know your ideal brands.
  • Request a demo from the supplier. 
  • Ask a lot of questions.

Assist the years of usage. Finding the equipment’s history is fundamental when it comes to choosing kitchen equipment. Know how many years it has been used. There is no sense in purchasing equipment that’s already on the end of shelf life. It is even better if you can get a hold of the previous owner of the item so you can know more about the equipment and its performance.

Is the equipment reconditioned? Reconditioned commercial kitchen equipment is always a better option. There are suppliers who have in-house employees who recondition their units. 

What about warranties? Are they extended? Will their supplier cover maintenance and repairs? How long will the warranty cover that particular equipment? 

Inspect the appliance yourself. Ask for a demo from the supplier. Ensure that all parts are functioning. Ask the supplier if there are parts that need to be replaced or repaired. Know if the appliance can be upgraded with an add-on. For example, if you’re buying a rack, it may be beneficial to add castor kits for it so you can move the rack easily from one place to the other. 

Reliable Top Quality  Second-hand Commercial Kitchen Equipment Supplier

So where to find used restaurant equipment? We have them here at Federal Equipment Hospitality.  

Our preloved commercial kitchen equipment are built to withstand demands in cafe, restaurants, catering, bars and other hospitality businesses. These are great for businesses that are tight on budget but don’t want to compromise quality and performance. 

Our used commercial kitchen equipment has extended warranty options so you don’t have to worry about repairs or maintenance. Most of our refurbished equipment are available on our clearance sale where we offer them for up to 50% less. 

If you’re in the market for a cost-effective solution for keeping your dishes warm, consider checking out our range of used bain maries at Federal Hospitality Equipment.

For advice on options of used commercial kitchen equipment, you can call our team at  09 415 6470. We’re ready to answer your enquiries and help you find the ideal kitchen supplies for your business.

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