Have you ever thought of a restaurant that runs without a microwave oven?

Have you ever thought of a restaurant that runs without a microwave oven?

Commercial Oven

Our lives are so fast that we always need instant solutions to our needs on the go. The Microwave oven is a ubiquitous kitchen appliance that is used extensively for heating food using microwaves. Microwaves are composed of infrared wave forms that are used in the electromagnetic field. The most commonly used frequency in the microwave oven is 2,450 megahertz.

Commercial microwaves are more efficient, fast & robust than domestic kitchen microwaves. Commercial kitchen microwaves are built to withstand being frequently used. Commercially used microwaves have a much higher power rating (1000w -2000w) than conventional microwave oven which produces much safer & faster heating, essential in the food industry. These ovens in NZ are a must have for all commercial kitchens. These come in different shapes and sizes to suit the needs of everybody. Commercial microwaves are made as stainless steel to heavy duty use & they often have a variety of settings to allow to perform safely & efficiently. They differ in their design, features, and operation.

How to find the best commercial microwave oven for your Cafe, restaurant

To find the best commercial microwave oven for your use, you should know about the best options and functionalities of the commercial microwave oven and compare the top products first and then pick the one that is the best.

Wondering how to do that? Don’t worry, here you will find a complete guide and help to find a great microwave oven for your use.

Just follow what’s written here and you will get what you need exactly

Types of the commercial microwave oven:

Generally, by the functionality, the microwave oven is of three kinds;

Solo microwave oven:

Solo Microwave Oven which is the most basic form. There is only a magnetron inside which produces the microwaves. It is only limited to boiling and heating while baking and roasting are out of its capabilities.

Grill microwave oven:

Then there are Grill Microwave Oven, which is more focused on preparing food similar to a conventional grill. It can brown food items, makes them juicier inside and crispier outside. These are mostly provided with heating coils.

Convection microwave oven:

Lastly, there are Convection Microwave Oven, which is probably the most versatile among the three types. They can heat food speedy and can also be used for browning or baking purposes. They also have a thermostat to control the temperature range.

Further by their mode of installation and size they can also be classified as

Countertop Microwave Oven
Over the range microwaves

Under the counter microwave oven or integrated microwave oven.

These can come in sizes from small, medium to the full-size microwave oven.

Now that you have got the baseline about the microwave oven you should now make up your mind to shortlist which features would you like to have for your selected product. Got it?

Features to Consider While Buying the Best Commercial Microwave Oven:

Certain features and controls beyond the ordinary should be considered before purchasing a Commercial Microwave oven. Find question to ask yourself is whether you would-would require such a feature.

Size – This is the most important factor in choosing Commercial Microwave oven. Buy such an appliance that will fit all your Commercial kitchen dishes in. Space consideration should also be done. How much space are you willing to give up for the product? How are you planning to use it? If for heating cups of coffee, tea, etc. then a small one will suffice, but buy a large one for big families for purposes such as heating lasagnes and casseroles.

Form Factor – There are counter top microwaves and over-the-range microwaves and also mixed ones. You can select which suits you the best and comply to your needs.
Wattage – The more the wattage of the appliance, the quicker it will cook the food.

Ease of Use – Commercial Microwave oven should be very easy to use with instructions that your every stuff can follow. They should also be easy to clean. Some microwaves come without the door handle which makes them simpler to clean. Also, there are some which have a non-stick interior which facilitates cleaning.

Security – Some features regarding security may also be considered if you are interested. There is Commercial Microwave oven with lockout feature which requires a sequence of buttons to be pressed before it can be operated.

Automatic Functions – These features tend to take the guesswork out of the equation. Automatic defrost is such a feature. Appliances also come with sensors that calculate cooking time based on steam emitted.

Programmability – Some Commercial Microwave oven provides adjustable multiple cooking settings. One should choose to start cooking at 100% of power but program it to use 50% at the end.


Concluding our discussion to find the best Commercial Microwave oven for your catering section, we now have seen that there are the best countertop microwave oven, integrated ovens and grilled oven and solo microwave oven for your ease.

It is apparently clear that the market has a wide variety of options for the one looking to buy a Commercial Microwave oven. They come with many features and try to one-up each other. There is certainly no clear cut answer of which microwave will prove the best for you. Many factors play a vital role in that equation. It all depends on your needs and requirements just like everything else. The Budget also plays a part. You don’t want to end up with an expensive Commercial Microwave oven stuffed with features that you’re never going to choose.

So, it would be better to follow the above-given guide to shortlist the best Commercial Microwave oven that would be perfect for your commercial kitchen concerning the required features and the way it can help you in your daily restaurants cooking and heating the food. Just don’t rush and take your time to go through the above item. You will surely find one for you. It can be assured that whichever Commercial Microwave oven you choose from our given list, you will not feel disappointed.

Please check here our list of commercial microwave oven.

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